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Audio Edition – February 23rd 2006

AudioDescription=Today on The Audio Edition Doug and I discuss the beautiful Anne Hathaway and her castingin the new Judd Apatow film “Knocked Up”, the upcoming Howard Stern Film Festival, the stupid morons over at “Craig Not Bond . Com” and the bigger issue of “What is more importnat? The actor with the most talent, or the actor that looks more like the character?” And finally the stupid attempt by Damon Wayans to trademark the term “Nigga” so he can launch a clothing line by the same name.

Movie Sequels That Fans Would Love to See

Photo by, CC BY 2.0 Most movies are followed up by disappointing sequels, films that don’t come close to the quality of the original release. Terminator 5, anyone? Occasionally though, the follow up cinematic releases are just as good and leave fans wanting even more.  Here are some movie franchises … [Read More]