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Trailer: Oceans 8

  Oceans 8 due to release this summer June 8th in the US, is the latest reboot attempt with an all-female cast. Let’s hope this one can avoid the “controversy” surrounding a certain other movie  franchise that tried to go this route, you all know which one I’m talking about. … [Read More]

The Intern Official Trailer

Academy award winners, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, star in a lighthearted comedy about a retired seventy- year-old man being bored. Deciding to spice things up, De Niro applies to become an intern at a growing online fashion site. When I first heard the premise, I assumed they both … [Read More]

Trailer: Interstellar

[springboard type=”video” id=”1030799″ player=”tmbg001″ width=”599″ height=”336″ ]   With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers undertakes the most important mission in human history: traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars. From acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan (“The Dark … [Read More]