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Levon’s Trade: Equalizer Vibes with a Gritty Twist

Move over Vin Diesel, Jason Statham‘s got a new franchise in his sights! We all know Statham for his action hero roles in stuff like Fast & Furious and The Expendables. But his next flick, Levon’s Trade, is gearing up to be a whole different beast. Think Equalizer meets a darker, more brutal reality.

Here’s the deal: Statham plays Levon Cade, a retired special forces dude who just wants peace. He’s raising his daughter and working construction, trying to stay on the straight and narrow. But trouble always finds Statham, right? When his boss’s daughter goes missing, Levon gets dragged back into the dark world he left behind.

This ain’t no joke. Levon dives deep into a dangerous conspiracy, and the deeper he goes, the messier it gets. Think Russian gangsters, brutal fights, and Statham doing what he does best: kicking butt and taking names.

Now, Levon might be a badass, but he’s not like some bloodthirsty killer. He’s got a good heart and a daughter to think about. But mess with him or his loved ones, and prepare for payback. Don’t be fooled by the construction worker disguise – Levon can handle himself, and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

This all sounds pretty familiar, right? You might be thinking of Denzel Washington’s Equalizer movies. They both have similar vibes: retired tough guys with a past, forced back into action to help people in need. But there are some key differences. Levon has a young daughter to worry about, and his motives are a little more personal. He needs the money from this job to win a nasty custody battle.

Speaking of action, Levon’s a bit more ruthless than McCall from Equalizer. He’ll use guns when needed, and he’s not afraid to get creative with his takedowns. Plus, the story itself seems bleaker and more brutal than the Equalizer films.

This isn’t Statham’s first attempt at a book series franchise. He’s tried it before with movies like Parker and Homefront, but neither one stuck. This time, though, Levon’s Trade has potential. The book series by Chuck Dixon has ten books and counting, so there’s plenty of material for sequels if the first movie does well.

Remember those awesome, R-rated action movies Statham used to make? The kind that weren’t all about superheroes and CGI? Levon’s Trade seems like it’s going back to those roots. And with the success of The Beekeeper, it looks like audiences are ready for a return to that style.

Here’s the thing: Denzel Washington‘s Equalizer series seems to be done. The latest movie wrapped up his character’s story. Sure, they might try to reboot it with a new actor someday, but for now, it’s over. Levon’s Trade could be the perfect replacement.

The Equalizer was a hit because of Denzel’s acting chops. He brought a depth and seriousness to the role that could have easily been just another revenge flick. Levon’s Trade might not have Denzel, but with Statham’s action prowess and a gritty story, it could capture the same magic.

So, if you’re looking for a new action franchise with a grown-up feel, keep your eye on Levon’s Trade. It might just be the Statham flick you’ve been waiting for.

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