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Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad featured.

James Gunn May Release The Ayer Cut Of Suicide Squad, According To David Ayer Himself

The Ayer Cut has always aroused curiosity and has been the interest of the fans, and according to David Ayer, James Gunn may release it. As mentioned on X (formerly Twitter) James Gunn might release the director’s cut of the film from 2016, Suicide Squad. According to David Ayer, it is much better than the theatrical release, and he has kept his hope alive for the director’s cut of Suicide Squad. They have not ruled out the potential that it possibly holds.

DC Studios CEO Might Release The Ayer Cut Of Suicide Squad

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The new DC Studios boss, James Gunn, had said that the ‘Ayer Cut’ will have its own time to be shared’ but Ayer later provided no further information. Even though Variety had requested more comment on this, the representatives of Warner Bros. and Gunn provided no additional insight.

Ayer had also reignited many discussions about this cut after he shared a photo of Jared Leto’s Joker on X. Ayer then responded with a very long answer when this photo resurfaced.

“There’s a genuine curiosity and interest from a lot of people. And I’m aware that there is another group of people that have fun mocking the film. Your comment is a perfect example of how many are magnetically drawn to the 2016 film in a negative way. Have you ever had an experience in life that didn’t until the way you wanted, that dragged you, that made you rethink everything? I have.”

— David Ayer; X (formerly Twitter)

The Snyder Cut Paved The Way For The Ayer Cut

The director then further claimed that this cut of Suicide Squad is better than the studio release, and it has natural and organic interest. He has been outspoken for many years that the 2016 version of Suicide Squad was not his preferred version, further mentioning that he had put his life into the movie and had made something unique.  He also acknowledged that James Gunn’s current priority is the launch of his new DC Universe. Ayer continued,

“All I know is my unseen film plays much better than the studio release. The interest in my cut being shown seems real and organic. And Gunn told me it would have its time to be shared. He absolutely deserves to launch his DC universe without more drama about old projects.”

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, released back in 2021, was the last time that Warner Bros. had released a director’s cut for a DC Movie, and the fans were very excited to experience it. The Snyder Cut has also maintained a distance from the movie to this date. No confirmation from Gunn or Warner Bros. on if or when the Ayer cut of Suicide Squad will release. 

Are you excited to see David Ayer’s original vision for Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments below if you think it will actually happen.

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