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National Treasure 3: Cage, History Buffs, and a Villain?

Remember “National Treasure,” that movie where Nicolas Cage stole (borrowed?) his way through American history to find hidden treasure? Well, get ready to dust off your decoder rings because there’s a buzz about National Treasure 3! Director Jon Turteltaub spilled the tea on a recent podcast, revealing that everyone involved, including the one and only Nicolas Cage, is down for another treasure hunt. That’s right, folks. Cage, the man who can wear a fur hat and somehow make it work, might be back to crack historical codes and steal national treasures (for the greater good, of course).

New Script, New Adventure?

Apparently, a “very, very good writer” is crafting the story right now. No spoilers yet, but if it all comes together, we could be looking at a brand-new adventure for our favorite treasure-hunting crew. Turteltaub also confirmed that the main trio, Cage, Justin Bartha, and Diane Kruger, are all on board. They had a blast filming the first two movies, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to team up with Cage to solve historical riddles and unearth hidden riches?

Hold Up, Didn’t They Just Do a National Treasure TV Show?

Yes and no. Disney+ did release “National Treasure: Edge of History,” but according to Turteltaub, it’s a separate thing. So, Cage and the gang are getting their own big-screen adventure, not a cameo in a TV series. Turteltaub kept the plot under wraps, but he did tease the possible return of a familiar face: Sean Bean’s villainous Ian Howe from the first movie. Is Howe out of prison and ready for revenge? Maybe. Maybe not. But hey, that little nugget is enough to get us guessing!

The “National Treasure” franchise kicked off in 2004 with the original film, introducing us to Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) and his quest to find a hidden Templar treasure. The 2007 sequel, “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” had them chasing after another historical mystery. While critics had mixed reviews, audiences loved the action, adventure, and of course, Cage’s over-the-top charm.

So, will National Treasure 3 become a reality? It’s looking good! With the original cast and crew on board, a new script in the works, and a possible villainous return, this could be the treasure hunt movie we’ve all been waiting for. Stay tuned, history buffs because there might be more adventures in store!

(Source: Movieweb)

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