New photos emerge for Fargo Season Five!

Fsrgo Season 5

Fargo Season Five is premiering on November 21st. The 1996 movie of the same name directed by the Coen brothers and starring Frances McDormand & William H. Macy has a huge following. The film boasts exceptional reviews to boot, fans highly anticipated the first season of Fargo in 2014. They wondered if it could be on the same creative level as the classic movie.

Fargo Season One was an incredible addition to the world of Fargo. Featuring a stacked cast, including Martin Freeman & Billy Bob Thornton at the forefront, season one put out fantastic performances. Its quirky, deceptive, and mysterious crime drama approach in an icy setting captivated viewers. Fargo Season One went on to win a vast amount of awards, and rightly so. So much so, that the show was renewed and more seasons followed.

The interesting concept about Fargo, is each season is set in a different location and era, with a new cast to hold it up. That’s right, the show is an anthology series. It’s an anthology in the same vein as True Detective, for example. Ultimately though, everything that happens leads back to Fargo, North Dakota.

With the colder seasons ahead, what better time to look forward to season five of this ice-cold show? Fargo Season Five is premiering this November 21st on FX. The ten-episode season will again feature a massive cast. From Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Joe Keery (Stranger Things), and Juno Temple (Ted Lasso).

Set in 2019, you should be prepared for another unpredictable trip. This Season housewife Dorothy Lyon (Juno Temple) ends up getting into trouble with North Dakota Sheriff, Roy Tillman (Jon Hamm). Tillman’s son Gator (Joe Keery) constantly tries to prove his worth to Tillman, but it seems as though he isn’t up to his standard. And, from this, Tillman enlists the help of Ole Munch (Sam Spruell). Without giving too much away, it looks like Dorothy is escaping a dark past, and as the show goes on, we can certainly expect secrets to reveal themselves. If the past seasons are anything to go by, then we are once again in for a detailed, and exciting plot, that’s held up by a diverse, and highly capable cast.

So, how excited are you for season five of Fargo, and what would you like to see from it?

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