‘Haunted Mansion’ Brings the Fright and the Funny

The Haunted Mansion

Disney is back with its latest adaptation of one of its beloved park rides. Haunted Mansion centers around a single mom who moves to a New Orleans mansion with her son only to discover their new home is infested by a number of spirits. A priest, a psychic, a historian, and a tour guide are hired to rid the residence of its unruly inhabitants.


I’ve gotta say, I thought this movie was way better than its predecessor in 2003. I actually did like the 2003 adaptation but this new one was more authentic to the actual ride in Disney World. I’m not sure if all the Haunted Mansion rides are the same in all the Disney parks. I am more familiar with the one in Disney World as I’ve been on it several times. I recognized a lot of the ghost faces, paintings, rooms, and furniture. They did such a great job incorporating all the effects in this film. I loved the set and background designs in this film. I believed the characters were going through everything that I saw on screen. Very well-made film in my opinion. Then, on top of that, they put together this great story around the setting with such endearing characters. LaKeith Stanfield, Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson, Danny Devito, and Tiffany Haddish round out the main cast as well as Chase Dillion. I’m not familiar with this young man’s credits but he was amazing! Funny, charming, all-around great actor who held his own. There are also some other A-listers in the cast that I won’t mention. I’ll let it be a surprise.


Honestly, I didn’t think there was anything bad to say about this film.


This movie delivered! Funny, scary, sad. Just all-around entertaining. And when I say scary I don’t necessarily mean it was frightening to the point that you would have to cover your eyes and jump out of your seat. The movie in my opinion is a family film but I can see how some kids would get scared at certain scenes. I would say use your judgment. You know your kids so if they don’t scare easily and/or like movies like this then take the whole fam! I went with my daughter who is 9 years old. But she loves movies like these. Her mom is a Horror Flick Chick after all.

Haunted Mansion hits theaters on July 28, 2023.

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