“Films that Forever Matter” Series: “Lost in America” Review

"Lost In America" Movie Poster

Two yuppies decide to “drop out of society” and hit the road in a motorhome to do all the things they dreamed about in their youth. Albert Brooks (“Broadcast News”, “Defending Your Life”) directs and stars as a hot shot ad executive who abruptly finds himself unemployed. He and his wife (Julie Hagerty of “Airplane!” and “A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy”) begin a cross-country comic odyssey to escape the rat race, only to become “Lost in America.”

“Lost in America” Review (1985): Cross-Country Comedy

Films that Forever Matter Series

by John Smistad

Hooked from the very start.

From the movie poster, my girlfriend, Gwen, and I thought “Lost in America” may have potential.  So we rolled the dice.  Literally from the film’s opening seconds I knew we had made a good call. A really good one.

Personal broadcast hero Larry King was interviewing erudite movie critic Rex Reed on his mega-popular syndicated radio show. You had me from “What’s your question, caller?”.  And a brilliant and boisterously laugh-out-loud comedy would only get better from this auspicious beginning.

Fall down funny practically from start to finish.

Director/Co-Star Albert Brooks embraces a sense of humor here that is right straight up my alley. He plays a poor guy whose life circumstances have completely overwhelmed him, typically not an especially humorous situation. But in the hands of a true comic genius, the performance personifies purely hysterical perfection.

A Terrific Twosome.

Brooks and Julie Hagerty play to perfection 1980s L.A. DINK Yuppie Couple David and Linda Howard. The prosperous professional pair have amassed enough liquidity to “drop out of life” and live each day as it comes as they drive across the USA in a fully loaded RV. It’s David’s idea of paying all-chips-in homage to the rebel bikers featured in his favorite film, “Easy Rider”.

Albert Brooks and Julie Haggerty co-star in "Lost in America"
“Oh. Now you wanna drop back IN??!!”

And it seemed to be going so well.

Things start off fine for the Howards on a celebratory detour to Las Vegas to renew their wedding vows. But then a catastrophic event propels them on a series of misadventures throughout the American southwest, each of which render me debilitated with helpless laughter.  Even now after repeated viewings.

I’m not one given to overselling, buuuut…

Granted, “Lost in America” may not be your cup of tea to the decided degree that it is mine. But with such divergent classic lines ranging from “Oh, call security.” to “Brillo Pad fathead!”, you are bound to hit upon more than just a few moments to stimulate your own funny bone.

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