Let’s Talk About Deadstream

Deadstream Synopsis: Youtuber Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter) live streams himself doing things he’s terrified of.  One too many bad stunts land him in hot water with his followers.  In order to win back his viewers, he decides to perform the ultimate in creepy stunts and spends the night in a haunted house! Bad idea from the start right, but it does make for an interesting movie.  I have to say that the trailer had me intrigued.  I was so looking forward to watching this. Although this subgenre of horror has been done before I was personally content with this one.  It stood well on its own.


The Good

I could already tell that some spooky shit is going to go down as soon as Shawn walks up to Death Manor.  It’s in the darkest and most desolate part of any forest.  I was creeped out by the location actually.  Shawn enters the house and its even creepier inside!  He sets up go pros all through the house and even on the exterior.  He’s tracking all the cameras on his laptop and is speaking to his followers via live stream.  Some creepy noises arise and he of course has to check it out.  Definite jump scares here and they were good!  Randomly a “fan” of Shawn’s gets into the house somehow and scares him to shit!  I immediately thought something was fishy.  This Chrissy (Melanie Stone) chick is not what she seems.  How did she get in the house?  Why didn’t Shawn see her coming through the eye of one of his go-pros?  Definitely sus.

From my first impression of Joseph Winter, he is a fantastic actor!  His comedic timing was spot on and I absolutely believed the horrors he was facing.  In my opinion, his writing is impeccable as well as he co-wrote this movie with his wife Vanessa.  The movie gave me Evil Dead 2 vibes.  This movie was just all-around fantastic and fun!

The Bad

No real bad stuff here I must say.  My only regret is that I did not see this at night and in the dark!


What a fun movie!  Somewhat predictable but it was a fun watch nonetheless.  Shudder has some gems in its original content library.  This is one of them.  Check it out when you can and treat yourself, especially during the spooky season.  Deadstream starts streaming on Shudder on October 6th.

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