Sonia Rosario


Catfishing is basically a job these days.  It takes a lot of time and energy to get to that end goal.  That goal is different for everyone.  Some people catfish for attention, some catfish for revenge or to catch a cheater and some catfish for money.  Oh yes, its a … [Read More]

Trailer: The Night House

Another creepy house movie with mysterious bloody footprints in the hallway.  Sounds like a movie I’ve seen before.  One thing I will say about this trailer is that its very vague.  It doesn’t seem to give the whole story away which is nice.  The trailer does look intriguing so I’ll … [Read More]

Wolfman’s Got Nards

On October 15, 2019 I had the opportunity to attend a screening of Wolfman’s Got Nards, a documentary about the phenomenon from conception to fan loyalty for the film The Monster Squad released in 1987.  If you have not been fortunate enough yet to see The Monster Squad in your … [Read More]

HFC Review: Dead Ant

Comebacks can be great.  For 80’s rock band Sonic Grave, they are hoping that their gig at No-chella will be just what they need to become relevant again.  If only they can come up with their next big hit.  What better way to get that jolt of creativity than to drive through the desert to … [Read More]