Chadwick Boseman Weighs In On “Marshall” and Donald Trump at 53rd Chicago International Film Festival

Marshall [Credit: Open Road Films]

During the 53rd annual Chicago International Film Festival, the cast of Marshall attended the Chicago premiere of the film.  I was fortunate enough to interview the cast on their thoughts on both the film and its importance during the current political climate. Seeing as though Chadwick Boseman put a lot of time and effort into donning the persona of Thurgood Marshall, I thought it would only be fitting to ask him how this movie relates to today’s society and the President.

Q: Why should people go see Marshall? 

“You should go see Marshall because it’s just a good movie. It’s not medicine. You’re gonna laugh…you’re gonna cry…you’re gonna get mad…you’re going to be happy again. You’re gonna get everything that you get in a film that affects your emotions. ” – Chadwick Boseman

Q: What do you think Thurgood Marshall would say to Donald Trump in today’s [political] times? 

“There’s a lot to say…I would basically say, that he [Trump] should do his job….Stop trying to do everybody else’s. Just do yours. Speak to platforms that are distinguished for a President. Uphold the Constitution, which is what you took the oath to do.  As a judge, that would be the number one thing that he [Marshall] would say.  You [Trump] took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. So don’t tell people that they don’t have the right to peacefully assemble. [Don’t tell people that] They don’t have the right to petition their grievances before the government. They don’t have the right to freedom of speech, or that the press doesn’t have the right criticize. All those things are a part of the first amendment, and I know that Thurgood Marshall would at least say that. ” – Chadwick Boseman

Well I think it’s fair to say that Thurgood Marshall would definitely hold the President accountable to the Constitution seeing as though Marshall knew it like the back of his hand. If you’re interested in watching the full interview, check out the video below for more. You can also check out my spoiler-free review of Marshall as well.

Full Marshall Red Carpet Interview (Chadwick Boseman, Sterling K. Brown, and more)

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I was blessed with the opportunity to talk with the cast of the Marshall Movie during the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival. -Chadwick Boseman shared what Thurgood Marshall would say to President Donald J. Trump!-Sterling K. Brown dropped some KNOWLEDGE! -Jussie Smollett and I had an "Obama moment" together. -Marina Squerciati and Director Reginald Hudlin also weighed in on the importance of this film in today's political climate.———————————–Watch my Marshall Review here: this Fan Page for more: Official Site ► ► ►…Instagram ► #ChadwickBoseman

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Marshall Video Review:

Marshall starring Chadwick Boseman [Credit: Open Road Films]

Genre: Biography| Drama
Directed by: Reginald Hudlin
Starring:  Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson
Written by: Jacob Koskoff, Michael Koskoff

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