Ryan Coogler’s Thank You Letter To Fans Is Making Me Emotional All Over Again

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It’s safe to say that among many things, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a total cryfest. On top of being one of the biggest Marvel Studios movies of the year, the sequel to Black Panther had a huge task in front of it. Tell the story of Black Panther, without the actor who debuted in the role years ago. It was an emotional time for all involved, the director, co-stars and everyone else, to deal with the loss of Chadwick Boseman. And now, on top of all of that, there is a Ryan Coogler letter thanking fans, that just book ends this intensely emotional experience.

Ryan Coogler Letter Of Gratitude To Fans

Following the immense worldwide success of Wakanda Forever, the director reached out to fans. Posting on social media, the Ryan Coogler letter thanks the fans for coming out and making the movie such a big hit. The letter gets very detailed, talking about the various languages in the movie and the long run time. He thanks fans for putting up with all of that, and coming out in droves to make the movie such a blockbuster.

But it’s the sign-off of the Ryan Coogler letter that brings on the tears. Most of his letter is devoid of any mention of Boseman or any of the circumstances surrounding his death. But after his signature, Coogler includes ‘Chadwick Forever’ and ‘Long Live T’Challa’. Pardon me while I bawl my eyes out! It’s just another reminder of the gruelling emotional strength it must’ve taken all involved to do this movie without Boseman.

Why Is Coogler’s Letter So Damn Emotional?

Ryan Coogler letter Boseman.
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In the middle of writing the script for, the then, Black Panther 2, Coogler was shocked by the news of Chadwick Boseman’s death. As were we all. The filmmaker then had to change gears and rewrite his script, all the while mourning the death of his friend. So did everyone else. The production of the film involved all those actors, crew and everyone, mourning Boseman. As if the death of a friend and colleague wasn’t bad enough, Coogler incorporated his grief into the script of what is now Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Boseman died. So did T’Challa in the story. While I know little about the craft of acting, I have to presume that most of everything those actors did on-screen during Wakanda Forever, came from a genuine place of sadness and despair over Boseman’s loss.

This makes Wakanda Forever so much more powerful and full of power-packed emotional moments that knock the wind out of audiences. Or me, at least. Ryan Coogler’s letter is a sign of the man and the production finally being able to celebrate. Finally moving on from the loss of Boseman.

This letter is Coogler burning his funeral attire over a fire.

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