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Remake Rant: Bruce Willis in Death Wish

Death Wish

Death Wish

Now I’ve not posted in forever, mostly out of sheer laziness and a myriad of other made up reasons to not do any actually posting. But now and again I feel the urge, the need, the desire to spread my ill-conceived thoughts with you fine people of the interwebs.

As I was perusing the web at an aimless attempt to fill the time before Game of Thrones comes on and satiates my need for dragons and incest intrigue. I came across a trailer  for Death Wish starring Bruce Willis, a hero from my youth and in later years a constant source of disappointment.

The name rang a bell, which it rightly should for anyone over 30, this was Death Wish the Charles Bronson franchise, a series of movies that boil down to the premise that “you fucked with the wrong guy” and eventually “you fucked with the wrong guy who once met Charlie and he really needs to just kill people because… uh yea!”

Here ya go:


I cant wait to see the Redband trailer!

First thing I did after seeing this I had to check the rating,  if it was pg-13 I was going to pretend this wasn’t happening at all. But to my surprise Death Wish is an actual R rated movie as it fucking should be. Gone was the worry that this was going to be another Die Hard a franchise filled with gore and violence only to go for that sweet pg-13 rating and burn those of us who actually loved the previous films.

Death Wish

Fun fact they originally wanted Sylvester Stallone to play Paul Kersey before expanding their search for a leading man to include Willis, Pitt, Neeson to mention just a few. I for one am glad they went with Willis, hes much more of an every-man and thus fits (at least in my opinion) the bill. With Eli Roth and the helm my fingers are crossed that this will be a bloody affair.

Feel free to let me know how right or how wrong I am in my assessment, peace out!

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