Should Movies Be Censored?

Creativity has no boundaries, that is why we have so many creative works in the world and that is also why we have soi many movies. The issue then comes with the different forms of creativity. We have those who are very creative when it comes to the creation of best payout online casino games and then we have the film makers. But there are times when the filmmakers’ creativity is a bit too much for some people which the leads to the talk of censorship in films.

What is movie censorship?

This is when a board of people watches movies and then deems the content of that film as being inappropriate. This will then lead to that movie being censored. 

Why are some movies censored?

There are different reasons why movies are censored, some are too violent, too erotic and some has too much of drug abuse in them.

Age restriction or censorship?

Instead of censoring movies, many have often said that you simply need to give them an age restriction. That why you can notify the viewer before they watch it that it is meant for certain age groups.

However, the age restriction can be a bit difficult to implement as you won’t be able to monitor everything that someone watches.

Does this mean that movies should be censored?

The answer to that question is both yes and no. Viewers need to understand that most movies are just creative works. And while some are based on online casinos for real money stories, most are just based on imagination.

There are also those movies that have a few lessons behind them, but they are very few. The vast majority of movies is based on imagination and someone thinking outside the box. Therefore, censoring them won’t be very fair. Regardless, this will all go down to the content of the movie as well the storyline at the end of the day.

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