Three Must See Blu-ray/DVD Movies

The month of May ended on a good note with some interesting Blu-ray/DVD releases. Here are the recent releases you should check out. Check out these end of May releases for the week of May 30.


Charlie Day and Ice Cube teachers duel is really funny. Last day till school is out for the summer (very timely) and mild mannered English teacher Andy Campbell (Day) is challenged to a fist fight by tough intimidating teacher colleague Ron Strickland (Cube). This movie has fresh storyline and some good slapstick comedy. Day and Cube are really great meshing polar opposites. The movie boasts a very solid supporting cast that includes Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell and Christina Hendricks. Check this movie out for the humor and good time it will provide you. The Blu-ray includes deleted scenes you will want to see.

Fist Fight is available now on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD

*Warner Bros. provided me a copy of this movie for review.


If you’re craving for a eerie, slick and mysterious horror thriller then this is the movie for you. Two girls are trapped in a boarding school over winter break (no fun) and must overcome outside evil forces. Actually it isn’t easy to give this movie away as there are numerous twists and turns along the way that leave you in constant suspense and awaiting what’s coming next. This is a very well crafted film that builds the tension and delivers on the scares. The movie boasts a talented young cast lead by Emma Roberts, Lucy Buynton and Kiernan Shipka. It will give you chills seeing the way these actresses play their characters in this morbid, cold and stoic way. One of the better scary movies of the year.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter is available now on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD


This is one of my personal favorite movies of the year. Based on the novel by Lauren Oliver, the movie version is entertaining and engaging. Zoey Deutch stars in her first leading role as high school girl Samantha Kingston that inexplicably keeps reliving the same day. It has the premise of a movie such as Groundhogs Day, but in a mystery drama setting of high school characters. Deutch proves that she is ready for the leading roles. She is excellent in this film. On the surface this film looks like it might appeal to a high school aged audience, and it does, but it also has appeal to adults in the message that it sends. The message the story attempts to convey is a relevant and important one, not just for the movie and its characters. Even though you may have an inkling where the plot is heading, the sheer suspense and intrigue will still have you guessing from scene-to-scene. I really enjoyed this film and highly recommend you checking it out. Unfortunately the Blu-ray doesn’t have any bonus scenes. Here is a further take on this film.

Before I Fall is out now and available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand

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