Snowden: Edward Snowden Urges Twitter Followers To See Biopic

Edward Snowden - Snowden Movie - Twitter

Snowden is now well under a few days into it’s release and the only thing I regret is not seeing it yet. Snowden stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as Edward Snowden himself, who is still the most wanted whistle-blower in American history.

Not only is Edward Snowden the most wanted whistle-blower in American history, but he is probably the only one who made it out alive without rotting in some off-site prison.

With all of this tension over whether Snowden is a traitor or an American hero, the notorious whistle-blower took to Twitter himself as he urged his 2.3 million twitter followers to go see the movie, despite any biased reviews.

Edward Snowden - Snowden Movie - Twitter

Snowden has put the real life person in a lot of publicity, as the whistle-blower has been all over the news with people advocating for his pardon. While I have yet to see Snowden in theaters, I cannot wait for what seems like a realistic portrayal of the true story that spread across America like wildfire.

Even if there are some reviews out there saying the movie missed it’s marks, I don’t believe for a second that Oscar winning director Oliver Stone made any tainted efforts to get the story right. After all, the master of controversial subjects, has portrayed real life controversy many times before.

Edward Snowden has been a bit of a movie reporter himself, as his Twitter is probably the best place to follow, any and everything going on with this new film. With all of the controversy, Snowden should bode well in theaters, as Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to give a spot on impression of the notorious whistle-blower, from the trailers alone.

Watch The Edward Snowden Biopic trailer:

So whether you see Edward Snowden as a traitor, or hero, make sure that you make up your own mind with plenty of research and self intuition.

Currently Edward Snowden is hiding in Russia as many plead for his pardon from president Obama.

Who do you see Edward Snowden as? How do you feel about the ex-NSA operative’s new film? Let the comment wars begin below.

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