Insidious: Chapter 3 trailer Review

This is a bleeping trailer, for now on this is how horror movie do trailers. They follow the three cardinal rules in making this masterpiece:

1. Jump scares: That is a must girls love it guys fake like it doesn’t scare us, but it does  we just hide it better.

2. Confused: You should have no idea what’s going on. If you can piece together the movie just from the trailer,  whoever made it should get fire.

3. Oh crap moments: There’s nothing and I mean nothing like watching a scene and a character gets placed in a position that you’re like oh fecal matter he or she is fuck screwed.

I’m so excited for this movie and after watching the trailer, you will too.


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3 thoughts on “Insidious: Chapter 3 trailer Review

  1. This movie looks very scary! The trailer does follow all the rules like you said which can make for a very good movie! If this movie is anything like the other two than I think all of us can be in for a good scare as well as a crazy mind bending story! We all just have to wait and see!

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