Trolls Official Trailer

Oh Dreamworks you are never going to get out of Pixar shadows if you keep making sub-par animation films. Trolls is the latest movie by Dreamworks, and my first thoughts are ‘ kids are going to eat this up”. Is Tolls going to be good, heck no but, its for children so it gets a pass. Would it be nice if it was made for all age groups? Yes! However, ask yourself this question. Is it necessary? Is Trolls so near and dear to your heart that you care how this property is portrayed? I know I don’t so I’m fine with the mini mes having this one. Plus if we being honest this movie was made to sell a sh*t ton of toys. No real effort was put into the making of Trolls… at least I hope not! If you have a kid like myself, just bite the bullet and bare through. If you don’t have any kids pray for our poor souls. What’s your opinion? I Would love to know in the comment section below.





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