Before I Wake Official Trailer Review

Before I Wake is a new horror thriller starring Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane. Directed by Mike Flanagan, if you didn’t know who that is. He’s the guy that kinda makes good horror movies, but kinda don’t. The movie always feels like something is missing. But, it’s not a waste of your time. Before I Wake is about a young boy who gets adopted by a lovely couple. Everything seems normal until the boy falls asleep. When the boy dreams, his dreams becomes reality. That’s it, pretty basic as far as a horror plot goes. However,the positives: it looks nice and has a few jump scares. Negatives: nothing that I can really point out. I would have to see more for me to give it a chance, or maybe I’m just getting old and don’t know a good horror movie anymore.


Watch the trailer and let me know.


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