5 minute clip from ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’


I love everything I’ve seen thus far from The Winter Soldier. It’s odd to say that because I haven’t seen very much from the film at all, but I’m so excited that the character is making his debut in the cinematic universe that I’ll likely get giddy whenever someone says the word ‘Winter’. Marvel released this long clip/scene/spot for the film onto the internetz reminding us that Scarlett Johansson makes a badass black widow, possibly positioning her for a solo film or something (sorry Hawkeye).


Black Widow is still incredibly nimble and agile and while this may not be as memorable as Joss Whedon’s jiggle fight to introduce the character, it is still remarkable and gives me an idea on the direction of the film. Looks good!


Oh, and I still think that Hugo Weaving may pop up in this new Captain America film, whether he wants to or not. He’s the F’n Red Skull.


Oh, and there’s this…




That’s all for now…


Source: Marvel and MTV



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