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Captain America 4: Lego Set Unveils Marvel’s Multicolored Spoiler

We’re gearing up for some Captain America 4 news. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is notorious for its secrets, but it seems the world of Lego isn’t. The latest scoop from the brick-built universe suggests a face-off between Sam Wilson’s Captain America and the formidable Red Hulk in the upcoming film, “Captain America: Brave New World.” Now, Marvel’s been playing coy with us, but Lego doesn’t plead the fifth; it shouts the truth in multicolored bricks. The clues lie in the numbered bag 76292, revealing these new miniature figures of our favorite heroes.

What We Know

Now, we know the MCU’s been tight-lipped about Harrison Ford’s Thaddeus Ross mixing it up with Anthony Mackie’s Captain America. But, when Lego says it, it’s different. It’s like the Marvel gods themselves are co-signing the leak. Plastic don’t lie. Instagram user @1414falconfan showcased the new figures, raising eyebrows and excitement among fans. Besides the expected characters like Sam Wilson and Joaquin Torres, the set includes the enigmatic Red Hulk and Ruth Bat-Seraph, adding an exciting layer to the cinematic puzzle.

As we eagerly await the clash of plastic figures, it’s important to remember the ongoing changes with “Captain America: Brave New World.” The movie is facing delays due to the 2023 strikes, the film is now targeting a 2025 release. Marvel Studios, ever the perfectionists, is taking the opportunity to rework the script and improve action sequences. Matthew Orton, known for his work on “Moon Knight,” has been brought in to ensure Sam Wilson’s debut as Captain America shines on the big screen.

On-Set Excitement

Anthony Mackie’s excitement about working with Harrison Ford adds a dash of adorable behind the scenes. The duo’s connection goes beyond the set, as revealed in humorous moments shared by Mackie. Ford’s unexpected need for pants led to a memorable exchange, showcasing the chemistry brewing on the “Captain America 4” set.

Throughout the Red Hulk revelations and script refinements, Dermot Mulroney, the MCU’s sitting president, is ready for a face-off. In an interview with, Mulroney expressed his willingness to take on Ford’s Thaddeus in a hypothetical spin-off, adding some light humor to the political side of the Marvel Universe.

As the excitement builds for “Captain America: Brave New World,” Lego’s accidental spoiler has only intensified the excitement. Red Hulk’s upcoming arrival and the behind-the-scenes friendship hint at an action-packed and entertaining addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Are you ready for the clash of Lego titans and the presidential showdown?

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