Interstellar Teaser is Here and Leaves Much to the Imagination


Christopher Nolan has captivated with his visions. Whether it be the cult classic Memento, the thought provoking film Inception, or his vision of Batman, Christopher Nolan has a way of captivating audiences with his films. His next film, Interstellar, has had some buzz surrounding it and until now we’ve only had bits and pieces of new surrounding the film. Take a look at the first teaser for the film below.

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This teaser is quite vague. There are still a number of possibilities surrounding this film and the only thing we can do right now is speculate. So why not open up the floor to a bit of discussion surrounding this trailer?


Why is there so much footage related to farms and crops?

The trailer starts out with close-ups of crops flourishing and then towards the end shows those same crops burning with a trail of fire behind them. Mixed in between are bits of old footage of farmers (probably the Dust Bowl) and Matthew McConaughey driving away from a farm. As the crops are burning, McConaughey also mentions the phrase “overcome the impossible” which leads me to believe that what we may be overcoming is an inability to harvest food. This could be why there is a need to explore another world, perhaps somewhere new for humans to inhabit?


Why is there a focus on the progression of man?

Another focus of the trailer is showcasing the accomplishments of humans related to flight. After a continuous run of clips showing the breaking of the sound barrier, the first flight in space, and the news report of the walk on the moon, there is a clip showing the final shuttle to land from space. This is obviously paving the path for the next great accomplishment of man but what kind of accomplishment will that be? Will it be a huge jump like interstellar travel, as the title leads us to believe, or will it be something in the foreseeable future like a journey to Mars? If it is something like a journey to Mars, I hope it’s done in a unique way because there have been so many films related to that subject. Regardless of the type of accomplishment, there has to be a reason for continued space exploration and besides the speculation above, there’s nothing that reveals what that could be.


Could this teaser be insignificant to the film?

The other possibility is that this trailer could be entirely insignificant footage from the film that gives us no significant details regarding the plot. Remember when the Inception trailer was released? Even though there was some great footage, there was nothing particularly that gave us details about the overall plot. The footage in this trailer could pertain to a particular character only rather than anything regarding the overall plot. Unfortunately as much as we want this teaser to mean something, it could possibly mean little to nothing.

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