Kevin Smith humorously speaks on JJ Abrams directing ‘Star Wars VII’

Kevin Smith


I randomly came across one of Kevin Smith’s video blogs regarding J.J. Abrams being selected to direct “Star Wars Episode VII” and it was very entertaining. The video is filled with a variety of hilarious random rants possibly fueled by an “unknown substance” that is producing smoke below. Check out the video below, it made me laugh quite a bit.



Despite the humorous anecdotes in between the rants, Kevin Smith actually makes some valid points to counter most of J.J. Abrams opposition. My favorite point that he made was how a director who has done both “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” brings balance to the force. I am still laughing about that point as I am writing this. What had me laughing even more was his discussion on every “Star Wars” fan’s fantasy involving Princess Leia in her slave bikini. The facial expressions and motions also added to the laughs…haha! Aside from the laughs, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the perspective of someone who is both a fan and an accomplished director, despite what he may have been smoking. The video was meant to be humorous but the overall message, “Shut up dicks, Star Wars is coming back,” is so damn true. Even if we hate it afterwards, we’re still going to have those years of excitement leading up to the film. Could it really be that much worse than the prequels? We, as fans, can complain all we want but we are also the ones who sought out the “Star Wars Christmas Special” for a second watch, despite how terrible it was. We must be critical of the upcoming films, but let’s not forget the fact that we get the opportunity to continue viewing a franchise we all love.

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One thought on “Kevin Smith humorously speaks on JJ Abrams directing ‘Star Wars VII’

  1. While I respect George Lucas for the visionary he is in terms of hatching ideas, characters and concepts, GL isn’t half the director JJ Abrams is.  The scripts Lucas put out and the direction he applied to them were the biggest reason the prequel trilogy fell short of expectations.  With writing and directing out of his hands, I think we will see the best of Star Wars since the OT.  I am excited as anything to see what Abrams does with this.

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