This might be the Villains’ logo in Kick-Ass 2


All the best villains not only have a logo, they have dental and a pension (just ask the guys at A.I.M.), but the first step in all of that is to have a proper logo. You can’t make an impression unless you’re recognizable and the smart guys have their marketing in order. The rumor going around is that the villains in Kick-Ass 2 may have their logo in order and if the tweet from director Jeff Wadlow is interpreted properly than this may be our logo for the villains in Kick-Ass 2:


That is incredibly bad ass and I’m considering retiring Reptar in favor of the Expendable-devil logo. Take this logo with a grain of salt as there’s no official announcement or confirmation to correspond with the picture, and by the looks of things it appears that Wadlow took this image using a spy cam of some sort. I’ll keep ya posted…

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