Red Band trailer for Lawless shows the Grit and the Boobs

Lawless is a movie I’ve been queitly rooting for. There’s so much about the movie that just seems downright interesting on paper that I can’t help myself. A movie about bootleggers during the prohibition era with the government muscling in for a cut is a novel concept but then add in John “The Road” Hillcoat in the directors chair and a allstar cast and Shia LeBeouf and you have a lot to get excited about. So, why have I been underwhelmed thus far? Same reason I’m always underwhelmed lately: the marketing. A big point of contention for me is when a movie seems well intentioned and may actually boast a lot of entertainment winds up falling flat on its face in the box office shuttering any future plans for anything comparable for quite a long time. I don’t want this to get John Carter’d. Today I finally saw a trailer that showcases more of the blunt grit that I imagined this film has been concealing this entire time.



I jest about LeBeouf, and it’s hard not to, but he does have a tendency to entertain somehow and I even find myself rooting for the squirt. Gary Oldman looks to be delivering another captivating character to enjoy on screen and Tom Hardy looks to be showing off yet another direction with his performances. The film shows more of the grit, plot, antagonists, and nudity sprinkled throughout the film and I hope this unabashed approach is closely representing what’s in store for us in the final product.


Via: Vice

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