Mondo’s Batcave poster

Mondo finally unveiled their new Batcave poster that’s been anticipated by many in recent weeks as its been hoped that it would be more satisfying than the poster created by comics artist Jock for The Dark Knight Rises. Check it out:



Why am I not impressed? It’s not a poorly crafted image it just seems really tepid and uninspired. Meh. My favorite batcave remains the Jim Lee version but nice try JC Richard.

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3 thoughts on “Mondo’s Batcave poster

  1. The poster will still sell out, in fact is sold out already.
    I didn’t mind Richard’s Fortress of Solitude rendition and I’ve had an eye out for this poster since it was announced months ago. Hoping, sincerely, I would really want it. I won’t say ‘meh’ but that’s my feeling on it, a three character slight at a feeling of dismay, being less than enthused, relatively unimpressed and woefully disappointed. With how the English language is headed, ‘meh’ will probably be in the dictionary at some point. That’s a potential reality for those never being impressed.
    To put it in more detail, this is just a missed opportunity. This was a chance to get really behind the scenes into the bat cave and I just don’t see it here. I see nods at the animated series which are obscure, vagueness with a night skylight, the same scaling issues like in Richard’s Jurassic Park poster. Why wasn’t this in landscape form like his Fortress of Solitude? I want to see into those darkly illuminated caverns in the background. This is a chance to see what’s behind the mask and that’s whole point of concept with the bat cave. And why does Batman have his head down looking all sad? The bat cave is his virtual trophy room. So really, what exactly am I looking at here? An empty envisioning of the bat cave, made from scraps of inspiration from previous samples of what was in the bat cave? It just does not feel any holistic research was done, which could’ve – no, should’ve resulted in something better. And that’s my slight at Mondo with the mass production of posters lately, in a cultural sense it’s nice. But ‘poster design’ as art as a goal to be framed as more than just a poster? A designer and artist should first and foremost know their source material, or hey, at least watch the movie before designing a poster for it, yeah?
    So yeah, meh. I think I will actually use that word and have it mean what I said above.

  2. People who say “meh” are never impressed.  Never being impressed is what they do.
    That said, it doesn’t say “poster” to me; it says “desktop wallpaper”.

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