Deleted Scene: The Alternate Opening for The Avengers


I love DVD’s and BluRays. For the larger blockbuster films these little gems often include more insight into the filmmaking process than had been revealed prior with the upcoming home release for the Avengers being no excepting. We already had a look at the gag reel and how the Hulk was voiced but today we take a turn to the somber. To the quiet. To the ALTERNATE. This is a very different approach and different look at what could have been Joss Whedon’s choice for the opening segments of the film. Let’s watch…




Make the movie a flashback, eh? That would’ve dramatically changed the tone to the opening of the film and for every other aspect of the movie. I’m not sure how I feel about this. What do you think, did Whedon make the right choice? Or should I just shut up and be glad that it’s included on the disc? Hmmmmm…

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3 thoughts on “Deleted Scene: The Alternate Opening for The Avengers

  1. I think with this intro, it drastically changes viewers’ perception of Agent Hill (from good, supportive agent to a reluctant, a silently rebellious one)I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but it would definitely change the tone of the movie, at least from her viewpoint. however, if at the end of the movie, it’s revealed that Agent Hill was all in for the Avengers’ Initiative (in a cool way), I’d be in for the ride.nonetheless, putting something “gloomy” isn’t the right way to start a movie like The Avengers. movie goers expect that they’ll be awed by the pure awesomeness of it.but for something in the veins of Nolan’s Batman, this flashback approach would work.

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