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Anthony Mackie Upsets Fan And Labeled Rudest Human Alive

Anthony Mackie Upsets Fan And Called Rudest Human Alive

Is Captain America secretly a jerk? That’s the question fans are asking after a woman from New Orleans shared a story about meeting actor Anthony Mackie (who plays Captain America in some Marvel movies) at a gas station.

Fan Wanted to Show Appreciation

The fan, who hasn’t been identified, says she saw Mackie at a gas pump and simply wanted to tell him how much she liked his acting. But things didn’t go according to plan.

According to the fan’s video, which went viral with over 13 million views, when she approached Mackie, he just held up his hand and said “no” before walking away. Needless to say, the fan was pretty bummed.

Fan vs. Fan: Two Sides to the Story

The internet, of course, exploded with opinions. Some people sided with the fan, feeling like Mackie could have taken a second to chat with a fan. They argued that celebrities should be nicer to the people who support them.

Anthony Mackie Upsets Fan And Labeled Rudest Human Alive (2)

But a lot of other people defended Mackie. They say that celebrities, just like anyone else, deserve privacy, especially when they’re just trying to pump gas. They argued that Mackie simply wasn’t interested in talking and had the right to say no.

Respecting Boundaries

This whole situation brings up an important question: How do we treat celebrities? Should they always be available for autographs and selfies? Or is it okay for them to have some peace and quiet, even in public?

There’s no easy answer. But one thing’s for sure: celebrities are people too, and they deserve to be treated with respect. If someone says no when you try to talk to them, it’s best to just accept that and move on.

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