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A trailer for the next Andy Samberg movie “Celeste And Jesse Forever” has just become available. Samberg recently announced that he would be leaving Saturday Night Live to pursue a film career and this may be his attempt to show his range as an actor by doing an indie romantic comedy. Take a look below and tell us what you think.


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This looks like a very “cookie cutter” indie film. Although most indie trailers follow a similar format, this one looks like it is more methodical than most and honestly doesn’t look interesting. I like Rashida Jones and from the trailer it looks like she will get most of the screen time. This is a smart move because I don’t think Samberg is at a point to entirely hold his own. It’s hard for me to take Samberg seriously given that his humor is very goofy compared to other comedians. Usually I feel that [good] comical actors are an untapped resource and they often surprise us in their dramatic roles but I don’t see Samberg as one of them. I hope he can prove me wrong but as of right now I’m not interested in anything he’s doing.

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2 thoughts on “Trailer: Celeste And Jesse Forever

  1. I’m a huge fan of Samberg (and Jones, as well) and I want this to be good. The biggest question I have is what caused them to separate? If they’re still hanging out, still love each other, etc., then what would have caused that riff? I can’t think of anything that could cause that and still keep best friends together.

    1.  @Blake23 Doesn’t make sense to me either.  I find Samberg funny at times but I just think he is more of a comedian than an actor…and like I said, I hope I’m proven wrong, it’s always a nice surprise to see a great breakthrough performance.

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