WB Harry Potter Product Showcase

We had the opportunity this week to visit the Warner Brothers Product Showcase that featured heavily on the last chapter of Harry Potter. In part talking about the Bluray release of Deathly Hallows Part 1, as well as as the upcoming final installment.

I had no idea what to expect from this. Frankly, I was expecting to see a conference room in a hotel with some product on display and some PR kits to take home. Figured I would be in and out in half an hour.

Was I ever wrong.

This was my first indication that they were making some efforts here:

When we walked in, we were placed on a chair and “sorted” into houses. We ended up with Hufflepuff and were given an official WB Harry Potter necktie with the Hufflepuff yellow with the house shield.

And in the hall, there was amazing food:

And amazing atmosphere complete with wall photos that had live actors behind them mimicking the motion portraits of Harry Potter.

Our tables were set up like the great hall at Hogwarts.

We got a chance to play Harry Potter Lego as well as seeing the Green Lantern game on the 3D Nintendo DS

MC Dobby came out and delivered the presentation of the Harry Potter releases and upcoming titles.

I was even emblazened with a Dark Mark.

Amazing time and an amazing event.

I wont be missing any more of these.

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