J Jonah Jameson is not in Spider-Man Reboot

One of the big plaguing questions that surrounded the Spider-Man reboot was that they had to recast the film. Sadly, the one outstanding performance that was SO dead on with the comics had to be J. Jonah Jameson. J.K. Simmons not only looked the part, but he rocked the attitude and tone we have always associated with the Daily Bugle’s harsh Editor in Chief.

But now that Spider-Man is well into production, no one seems to have noticed that there was no casting news for the role of Jameson. And for good reason – he will not be in the film.

there will be no appearance for J. Jonah Jameson in the new Spider-Man reboot, something we probably could have guessed as there’s been no announcement of any castings yet and they are clearly well into filming.

So whilst we know The Daily Bugle is in the new film, or at least acknowledged as those leaked images suggested yesterday, it looks like Parker won’t get to meet his future Editor-in-Chief just yet.

Here is one of those leaked images that confirms that the Bugle will have some presence.

I think this is wise. They can distance themselves from the previous franchise in a number of ways, but if they included all the characters it just invites comparisons when we already know every detail will be compared.

I for one am not at all against this reboot. If they were recasting everyone, with different writers, directors and tone, it might as well be a reboot. This way they are not held back by the limitations of the previous franchise and can move forward with a clean slate.

This means Peter Parker wont have a dance number, Mary Jane wont be his first girlfriend, webslingers will be gadgets, and most importantly when they finally get around to it…. Venom will be VENOM.

I just dont understand these people HOPING it will be bad.

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13 thoughts on “J Jonah Jameson is not in Spider-Man Reboot

  1. Spiderman’s in high school in this movie… a job at the Bugle just seems like a distraction.

    If I had one complaint about the Spiderman character is he’s just two damn busy, as a character (and I don’t mean “busy” as in he has a lot to do, I mean it as in the character isn’t clear… it’s like they threw a bunch of shit on a wall and saw what stuck). He’s a student, an intern, a photographer, a super hero, and he’s even had other jobs, in addition to all of those, in the comics. My whole feeling about that is, at any given time… pick 2 or 3. It just isn’t plausible that someone could do all that much and it just cheapens the character. My guess is that’s what Webb is doing here, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

  2. I’m just not feeling this film at all. Granted Spidey 3 was a disaster but this just doesn’t seem to add up to the genious. Yes it’s a reboot but no matter what it’s going to be compared.

  3. If they want to go to a reboot in high school why are they casting a 27 old actor? That said I think Andrew Garfield will do fine, I just dont like the origin story and high school story all over again though.

    1. Age means nothing if you can pull off the look of a younger character.

      Ralph Maccio was 26 when he was in Karate Kid… no one noticed.

      Garfield is slender and gawky enough, and considering most High School tv shows and movies feature actors in their early 20s its not a stretch at all.

  4. Ok, this makes me think he won’t be working for the Daily Bugle in this movie but its presence will be noticeable. Will he be a lab assistant for Curt Connors? Is this going to be a movie contained in High School and Peter won’t have a job? What about other characters who haven’t been cast yet like Harry Osborn?

    1. I think you head the nail on the head with the Curt Connors thing. This is probably the direction they will go in because the Lizard is the villan after all. So they don’t need JJ right now, this just tightens the script and will probably give us a more character driven movie.

  5. At first I was very skeptical; after all, why reboot a series after immediately canceling the fourth installment? However, as more news leaks I am getting more excited. It really didn’t hit me until the picture of Andrew Garfield leaked. Don’t get me wrong, I find Emma Stone just as attractive as the next guy, but her casting doesn’t do much for me. Mark Webb, on the other hand, seems to really know what he’s doing.

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