Mean Girls 2 Trailer Online

Mean Girls was a very enjoyable film, and even TMB Alum writer Wormwood can be seen in the film. But the last thing I thought it needed was a sequel.

Oh wait, its a direct to DVD attempt to grasp at the former glory.

I have to assume these things make money but considering about a third of the trailer is reminding you how much you liked the first movie, I think it just stinks of desperation.

In other Mean Girls news, another sequel is being plotted called Mean Moms that will be inspired by the same Rosalind Wiseman novel that brought us Mean Girls.


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4 thoughts on “Mean Girls 2 Trailer Online

  1. I cant even finish watching this trailer!!! They can bring somthing this empty out, even on DVD and there are sooooo many treasurs out there that will never even cross movie corporations eyes! What a shame:(.

  2. When I see movies like this, I feel soooo disappointed for Tim Meadows. I like the guy as an actor, and think he’s better than a lot of others out there, but to see him turning into the Eugene Levy of straight-to-shit movies, it doesn’t give me much hope for a bright Hollywood future.

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