Mission Impossible Passing the Torch to Renner?

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol may not be a reboot as we initially thought, but it sure looks like its setting up to pass the torch.

Latino Review says:

During an MTV News interview, actor Renner confirmed he is “being groomed to take over the franchise from Tom Cruise.”

“It’s a franchise to potentially take over,” said Renner. “I can’t predict the future and what they want, but that’s certainly the idea.”

If they are going to pass the buck onto another actor, I think Renner is a good choice. Renner has proven himself as an actor and he does really well with action too.

I hope this works out and Renner becomes the new face of a next generation of Mission Impossible movies.

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One thought on “Mission Impossible Passing the Torch to Renner?

  1. Yeah, I mean Tom Cruise was suppose to retire in the last movie and now in this one, he’s being called back into action again. How many times can you keep coming back? Good though they’re passing on the leadership title.

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