Batman 3 Rumours: 3 up for Riddler? Robin?

Its widely being accepted that The Riddler is going to be Nolan’s choice of villain for a third Batman film. But who will play him?

Rumour has it that Nolan has his eye on three different men to potentially play the role, and all three of them starred in Inception.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy

Nolan is actually considering three “Inception” actors for the role, including Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. DiCaprio has already expressed interest in starring in a superhero movie and Hardy is on his way to become a well-known actor, so he would jump at the chance to be The Riddler.

If this is true, my vote goes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I think this guy has the chops to pull it off. He has a presence of intelligence, and a sharp wit. You know Nolan’s Riddler won’t be campy, and the Riddler will be more thought provoking. His riddles are even likely to make sense instead of the far fetched leaps of logic Batman has to go through to unravel his puzzles in other versions.

Tom Hardy is a strong contender for this role, as I think he is far more adaptable than we might give him credit for. And while this guy is hardly a newcomer, I think it was Inception that made people take notice. He’s been around for a long time, and I will forgive people if they didn’t see the last Star Trek Next Generation film, where he played the clone of Jean-Luc Picard, Praetor Shinzon.

And while I don’t know that Leonardo DiCaprio can do anything wrong, I would like to see him play something “lighter” than that weight on his shoulders roles he tends to pick up. I would love to see DiCaprio come in as Cobblepot and give a whole new look to the Penguin. Have him be a crime lord who favours tuxedos, but not make him so awkward and pudgy. He could bring a quirky seriousness to the role in a way that we know Nolan would twist it.

But here is the REAL rumour buzzer winner. IMDB, that shining example of integrity is now listing an unknown young actor named Cody Sousa as the (rumoured) role of Dick Grayson – the boy who would be Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Now Nolan said that Robin had no place in his version of Batman, but while other people are saying Nolan hates Robin, the reality is that he just didn’t think it would work. But we know with Nolan, if he can make something work, he will use it. I love the character of Robin and his purpose in Batman’s life. He isn’t a campy sidekick offering “Holy Something Batman” quips. He has value and purpose.

So is he going back on his views on Robin and casting Dick Grayson in the film? Or is this just another IMDB listing blunder.

Personally I don’t think IMDB should list rumoured actors in their listings. Only studio confirmed actors.

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51 thoughts on “Batman 3 Rumours: 3 up for Riddler? Robin?

  1. What is Batmam with out robin ! That’s like having a burger without “fries” we all grew up watching Batman and robin, he need to be added in now or later.

  2. I personally think Levitt is the perfect choice for the Riddler. I truly believe DiCaprio could pull it off but Levitt seems the best fit. I really hope they leave Robin out of the movie. I just think that Robin does not fit with what Nolan has done so far. I still like the choice of Paul Giamatti as the Penguin even though that was an internet rumor.

    1. Considering Gordon Levitt is almost 30, I dont want to see him as “The Boy Wonder”

      Besides, Nolan said he wouldn’t because in the current timeline with Bruce’s age, “Robin would be an infant”, so even if he did add Robin he wouldn’t be an adult.

      The dynamic of father/son, teacher/mentor is completely absent when Batman is played by a 36 year old. They tried that in Batman Forever and it sucked.

  3. Jude Law is perfect for The Riddler role but theres not much hype around him, I’d cast him anyday of the week, He’s done every kind of role and is a proven actor…Get him cast please theres no reason’s why not. The Riddler should be english i think and of course….who can denie he looks exactly like The Riddler?

  4. Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed as were dick Grayson’s both done in front of them how dark can you get???? personally there is enough substance for robin to work, but not in the next film, look how the joker was introduced at the end of batman begins, just a playing card. i think dick Grayson should be introduced at the end of the next movie with Bale taking the 12 year old Grayson in after the death of the boys parents, that way Bale has a way out, he can decide whether he wants to do the next movie or another batman can be chosen. having the Riddler in the next one is not a bad thing it could work, the Riddler creates puzzles which lead to crimes for Batman to solve, hell we are all trying to solve the puzzle of inception still!!!!!!!!!!! so at least we could watch a movie that makes us think as well as action, Hell there could be a back story that the Riddler used to work for the police in a division that tries to solve complex crimes and he becomes resentful of Batman for solving them first so he leaves the constraints of the police and goes on a vendetta to better the Dark Knight whih leads to numerous twists and turns???

    Nolan has not let us down thus far with any of his movies, if he feels he can make robin work and be believable i will trust his judgement. Tom Hardy would be an excellent choice for the Riddler he would not do mad, campy, maybe just intensity which i think would be great for the role. I hear he will be playing ‘mad max’ as well

  5. I’ve already said on another blog that i’d like Jude Law to play The Riddler…He would be immense. Robin? I think that he should be brought to the screen in the new movies definately….He’s asmuch part of the batman series as the likes of Alfred and Jim Gordon are. If he is going to feature he must be made as dark as Batman if not darker because he will be young and still very angry from the tragedy. The actor that should be cast shouldnt be well known, He will be young and at the miniute theres no-one in the A-list acting world that measures up.

  6. In my opinion dicaprio has mostly experienced caliber and he proved in his last 8 consecutive movies and he will be well apt for Riddler.Since this character needs 35 to 40 yr old personality to be fit for the Riddler.Watever it is ..Sir Nolan knows well whom to choose for the character

  7. i say screw the riddler. i dont understand the fascination with the riddler. i think the joker covered his kind of antics and was much more effective. the joker made people make hard choices that was much more suspenseful. the riddler, leaves clues to his future crimes only to have “the detective” figure it out and foil them….& the riddlers is surprised. really? you left clues. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again..figure out a way to do mr freeze! many of batman villains are gangsters or mobsters, in some form or fashion.(penguin, black mask exactly how are they that different) mr freeze, at least in the original animated series, was scientist out for revenge for love. could be a more emotional story that makes you feel for the villain.

  8. Either Hardy or JGL would be amazing, I think in different ways. I’m really, really, really not interested in seeing DiCaprio in this role, though. A different role, sure, but not this one (actually, I wouldn’t have minded him as Two-Face, but obviously that’s not happening…).

    Everything’s so focused on The Riddler, though. I’d really, really like to see a Catwoman. I just feel as though that character has so much more potential in any Batman story — and there’s a lot of different directions you could go in with that character. I remember from years ago there was the rumor that Cher would play it… I may be the lone wolf on this one, but I sooo wished that would have come true, even though it obviously didn’t. An older version of that character, to me, could be really, really interesting.

    As for the Riddler… I’d actually like to see that character be played much more straight than either the jokey/campy Carey performance or Heath Ledger’s Joker. This character needs to feel VERY different than either of those. A Hardy Riddler that was a cross between sexy/suave and crazy in more of a mad-scientist way (enthusiastic) would be real cool. I could see JGL doing a more OCDish, quieter performance that would be very interesting, too. All I could see with DiCaprio and a DiCaprio performance…. the guy isn’t a bad actor, but I just don’t think he’s all that dynamic, or at least hasn’t been in a very, very long time.

  9. What bothers me about Robin is looking at the situation in a real-world context. I mean, how old is Christian Bale? 40 at most, right? Why would he hang out with a 20 year old kid? I get the whole “I see myself in him.” But c’mon. He’s a loner – the Dark Knight. In the previous films he didn’t seem interested in taking on any wannabe’s, in fact, he discouraged it in DK.

    1. According to that logic, there never should have been a Robin. Ever.

      Wayne takes on Grayson as his ward, which means he is his legal guardian and father figure.

      In the Batman to Robin dynamic, he is taking on an apprentice and teaches him everything he knows.

      1. Doesn’t change the fact that there IS a Robin, the fifth one actually (if you dont count future Robin) and the role works, the character works and there is no reason to get rid of Robin in the comics.

        If they can take a character like Batman, and make him plausible and believable in a film, why is it so hard to accept an apprentice? He has a mission that is bigger than himself, and he knows one day he wont be around to do it.

        And your logic revolves entirely around the colour of his costume?

        That you don’t like the Robin character is hardly reason enough not to include him – if its handled with the same care and respect that Nolan has already shown in adapting the existing characters in the film.

      1. No, I didn’t post a link. I just wrote that I would prefer J G-L as The Riddler, but I actually want them to be creative like me and create a brand new villain for this movie. Wouldn’t that be a first for a comic book movie? I don’t know so therefore I’m asking. The Fiddler and a new villain would maybe be cool?

      2. PS again. I also wrote that I watched Nemesis in the cinema and bought it on DVD and that Tom Hardy was really good in it. I can’t see Leo in a Batman movie though.

  10. Joseph Gordon Leviit would be a very very good Riddler.
    and I was looking at some batman villains and Tom Hardy would make a really good Black Mask or Hush.

  11. Here is why I don’t like Robin and would rather not see him in any Batman film done by Nolan.

    It’s not the character, what he does, or how he acts. Bruce chose the Bat as his symbol because he was afraid or bats and wanted to instill that same fear into his enemies.

    Dick Grayson chooses a Robin and runs around in a bright green, yellow, and red outfit. Not exactly keeping the theme there Dick.

    So I’m sorry. But there is no adaptation Nolan can do that will make Robin “cool” in my eyes. Now if he completely skips Robin and he takes up the Nightwing persona. I could go for that. Maybe even make a joke out of it. Have Bruce ask him what he wants to be called. Then he says Robin. Then Bruce shoots him a look like, Really?

  12. @ Rodney

    I just wouldn’t want to see a Robin unless they were to do more films. I heard that this is the last one and I just don’t see it working at this time unless they expanded into more films. Nor do I want to see the best Bruce Wayne/Batman we’ve seen in film yet leaving over it.

    I agree that Nolan could make a really good Robin, and yes Robin is way more than just a campy sidekick, but not at the final film in the series. Just my two cents, much respect.

  13. I think Robin can work. His story is no more dark and gritty than Batman’s. But it’s the fact that he was so cheery in the comics and such, that made him who he was. He was like sorta the oposite of Batman, only with similar origins. But in this film, they can make him a little older and still make it work. Perhaps a 16 year old Robin.

  14. I like the idea of Gordon-Levitt as the Riddler. DiCaprio would also be great. But I really like the idea of him as The Penguin. Making the character a little less cornball and more in line with what Nolan has done with the past 2 movies.

    But as for Robin. I don’t see how with the tone of Begins and The Dark Knight that Robin would fit in with it. I just can’t see this Bruce Wayne training a child to help him fight crime. If they had him take a child(or a teenager) in but not turn him into a crimefighter would be the only way seeing a Dick Grayson would work. Actually if he helped out a teenage Jason Todd who wants to help but Bruce refuses it with Todd always resent him for it. could bring around the Red Hood later on.

  15. Honestly, I don’t like any one of these three for the role. The Riddler shouldn’t be too serious, he needs to be playful, far more playful than a character like the Joker. There needs to be a middle ground between Frank Gorshin’s interpretation from the classic TV series and Jim Carrey’s Riddler from Batman Forever. Doctor Who fans have been throwing out David Tennant’s name for years, and I’m not totally opposed to an idea like that. Why not an unknown, or at least, an unknown in North America.

  16. Hmmm…I’m not big on Robin either. However, I am *not* opposed to Jason Todd/Red Hood, with no mention of “Robin” but that’s as far as I go. I wouldn’t be upset if Robin/Dick Greyson were mentioned in some way, or we skip Robin and just go Nightwing. But I would rather Robin sit it out one more time. Methinks the Robin story is rumorville.

    As for Riddler…I’m convinced he’s a player. I’m also expecting the Nolan four rule- Major Foe, Second/supporting foe, mobster, cameo foe.

    I’m not going to play a speculation game. It would not surprise me if one of the three Inception actors was under consideration for a Superman part. But whoever Nolan points to, I’m down with it.

    1. Jason Todd’s Red Hood only has the impact he does because he was Robin.

      Under the Red Hood was an amazing story, but I cant see that being done in the film to the same degree of impact without a Robin.

      1. I disagree. I think they do still do it without Dick actually becoming Robin prior. If they just have Bruce taking in a kid. Doing the story about him seeing himself in the kid. Then the Joker abducting him and “killing” him before Batman could stop him. It would still have an impact.

        Not that we would ever see that in Nolan’s vision. Since there will be no more Joker.

  17. I called the DiCaprio as Penguin casting before he was even casted in Inception. If it happens…I called it.

    Also, I proposed Riddler playing the lesser villain role in this Batman ala Scarecrow and Two Face and the main villain being a new one…Slade aka Deathstroke.

    In my opinion the story needs two things for sure: It needs to get Batman out of Gotham and it needs to tie back into the first film somehow. My solution is having Talia come to Gotham to have Batman help her reclaim the League of Shadows from a new rouge leader, Slade. Meanwhile, the Riddler has been hired by a corrupt politician, Cobblepott, to destroy Bruce Wayne…

  18. I definitely would like to see Joseph gordon levitt . He’s been one of the best upcoming actors ever since his film 500 days of Summer , And he is starting to be a personally favorite of mine. and he really also shined in inception also. So i think he would do tremendous as riddler and really would get to show his talent as the riddler.

  19. I think Robin could have a place…but I think they could need to drastically alter canon (which they do anyway), and keep him the hell out of a red and yellow costume. And maybe not call him Robin. In fact, introduce him and have him go straight to Nightwing.

  20. First off, really cool image for this post, Rodney.

    That said, I’d be fine with DiCaprio or Gordon-Levitt in the Riddler role. Hardy has never done much for me (but maybe my hatred for Star Trek: Nemisis is clouding my judgment). But whoa–let’s keep the boy wonder out of this thing, okay? He IS too cheesy to exist in the Nolan universe. Maybe a cameo or something would be appropriate, but I really don’t want him as a key player.

    1. The Riddler is cheesy too. Penguin? TwoFace? All caricatures of extreme personalities. But take a real world view on how these characters might appear in a movie that made Batman plausible, and you have a neat concept.

      Nolan can adapt them to a real world setting, then I am cool with it. Especially Robin (who is mostly a junior Batman anyways)

      Its all how its handled.

      1. I think robin should only appear in 1 way. Batman faces the new villain, only to discover that harleen quinzel funded their crime wave to distract the town while she prepared to break out the joker(who should be one of heaths subs from dr pinassus. probably depp) who then escapes to the circus. batman beats quin, joker kills the performers except dick, dick saves batman, accidentally killing joker, batman was unmasked in the fight and saves dick, the movie ends with dick being trained in the cave, the fans are happy robin won’t appear properly, coz this is the last of the trilogy.

  21. Christian Bale said he would leave the project if Robin was ever involved. That and the fact that Nolan has said Robin wouldn’t work in his films makes me doubt how real this is.

    1. Nolan said Robin wouldn’t work because at the time of Begins Robin would have been too young. Not that Robin couldn’t exist in this version of Batman. Robin is no less believable than Batman is.

      And if Nolan pitched a cool version of Robin, Bale would be fine with it. Or we get a different actor to play Batman (that Nolan would choose)

      If it does happen (not saying it will) it will have Nolan’s hand on it.

      1. for those against robin, here is a way he could fit in to the next batman. wayne could have to attend a meeting in a different city and have an opening for a little robin action. not like him take over the movie, just one scene where you dont really see him but he sees the villian of the movie or someone that is wanted and pulls a batman were he beats them up and leaves them on the police departments steps and then when wayne gets back he sees on the news what had happened and gets angry at himself for not being the one to do it. you know how he was in tdk with the guy in hockey pads lol but he trys harder. when he is on one of his outings as wayne he sees someone getting mugged and then saved by someone but they stay in the dark you see flashes of red and then wayne walks out to get a better look but they are gone the thug tied up in the road. and wayne cuts a piece of the rope and takes it to the bat cave or replacement batcave whichever he has in this one. and then traces the mater

  22. I’m for dicaprio. Someone should start a poll. I think it would be okay if batman took a boy in, just don’t show him training him yet. Or really ever if this is only going to be a trilogy.

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