Tambor and Cera Arrested Development Movie Happening?

The rumours of an Arrested Development film just won’t go away. Just when things get quiet and the fans give up hope, one of the stars drops a sound bite and we are back to thinking this might happen.

ScreenJunkies gives us:

For years, losers like myself have staved off our suicidal thoughts with the hope of an Arrested Development movie. But month after month, it’s a roller coaster of emotions as rumors about the on-again off-again project mount. But now comes a sliver of hope! Michael Cera and Jeffrey Tambor both seem to think it’s happening!

Based on comments quoted by each of these actors, the deal is still on the table and its just a matter of time.

However Tambor suggests they might have him in a walker by the time it happens. Michael Cera has been playing George Michael for years, so its right up his alley.

I got to the Arrested Development thing late in the game, and I honestly love it but I wonder exactly what a feature film would bring to the table.

I’d like to see more Arrested Development, but I am growing less and less sure I want it to be a feature film.

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2 thoughts on “Tambor and Cera Arrested Development Movie Happening?

  1. well, it was touted throughtout its whole run as the show that just wouldn’t die. there was a reason the ratings were always in the toilet, despite a solid (but small) cult following. maybe, just maybe after cancellation it might’ve seen some sort of moderate redemption with box-office success, but at this point, people will be like, Arrest Development who? Let it go – move on!

  2. I loved watching Arrested Development when it was on TV. Of course the people over at Fox don’t have a single brain in their heads and canceled it on us. To be honest, I like the idea of a movie but I’d rather have the TV show back. You can just do so much more that way and keep the stories going. Either way, if they finally make this long rumored movie I’ll be first in line to see it!

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