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Now this is what I am talking about.

This is a Twilight Movie that I think will draw in more people than just the Twihards. Sure there will be more of the sappy emo romance, but check out this trailer:

There is a lot of asskickery going on here that just looks awesome. To me this is the climax of the series, with Breaking Dawn being a yawnfest of a 400page anticlimactic epilogue. THIS is where it comes together.

Imagine if this is how the series was introduced to you? Would you be more inclined to see it if this was your first exposure to Twlight?

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37 thoughts on “Twilight Eclipse Trailer Online

  1. I am not really familiar with the series – only with the films – is this what the Eclipse book is all about? If so you may be right about drawing more than your regular female Emo sappy fan base. And if so – this would be a better draw – Saw the last one and could not stop from throwing up in my mouth during most of the flick. In any respect my vote is for the Wolves!!

  2. I’ve been reading the Twilight books so my wife can talk to me about them and we can watch the movies together (okay, here’s my man card–you can cut it up now). I’m about 150 pages into Eclipse, and it’s been pretty slow going. But this trailer makes me excited to keep reading. I had no idea this book was about a vampire army! Bring on the vampire/werewolf on vampire action!

    1. I love comments like this.

      So desperately trying to attack and bash Twilight and illustrating that you know SO LITTLE about the series.

      Even the real haters know that these are not traditional werewolves (though there is a version of werewolves in the mythos – these are not them) and not traditional Vampires. Instead you chuck your comment out there proving its just blind hate. Weak. Silver bullets would mean nothing to these wolves.

      The people who hate Twilight are the same people who say there is nothing original in Hollywood. Then bitch when something gets original because they dont like it when things change.

      1. No i am not a hater I enjoyed the first film just fine It was not as bad as some people said it was but I do find it silly that it needed to be a series of books or films this looks bad wether it is twilight 3 or Underworld 4. and originality there are only seven stories to tell anyway man vs man man vs himself and so on but tell a story well. well this does not follow that from this preview. my opinion

      2. Although I havent read the books my wife has. She has kept me up to date on what happened in each book (I didnt ask). I dont think Twilight is the worst thing ever. I just dont like the fact that the vampires dont have fangs and they glitter in the sun. Im sorry but thats so stupid. Im love the whole vampire and werewolf mythology and these movies aren’t paying tribute to them. I know the authors target audience is teen girls, but she striped the characters of certain traits which make them vampires. A vampire is a tortured soul who is cursed to walk the night and prey on people. They do not fucking glitter in the sun.

      3. You think that is stupid? That a fictional made up not real thing is being presented differently? All vampires have to adhere to the exact same mythology?

        There are no real vampires out there protesting that their culture is misrepresented.

      4. All this time I thought there were vampires in the world thanks for clearing that up. Geez a guy can’t even have an opinion on this blog without it being picked apart by you. One of the fundamental principles of vampire mythology is that sun light kills them. It goes back to Bram Stoker. Its a bit ridiculous for them not to die. That’s like the creators of the new Nightmare on Elm St didn’t incorporate the bladed glove because they wanted Freddie to kill kids a different way.

      5. One even MORE fundamental part about vampires is that there is no “right” vampire. They are not a real thing, and there is no absolute on how they work. Even the very first vampire is very different from every other presentation of vampires out there. The only common detail is that they drink blood.

        So this piece of fiction is as fictional as the other piece of fiction.

        Honestly, people who bag on Twilight because the vampires are “wrong” are just looking for a reason to hate it.

        You don’t have to like it, and you dont have to watch it. Just seems a lot of effort to go out of your way to hate it.

      6. Like I said before I dont hate it and Im not going out of my way. Its the teenie bopper girls who squeal in the classrooms which I work in that I cant stand. My wife dragged me to see New Moon and that was awful. Not because of the movie but because every other second Edward or Jacob were on screen the theater was filled with HIGH PITCHED SCREAMS of prepubescent girls. Besides if someone were to create a survey and ask people to list 3-5 characteristics they know about vampires dying in the sun would be one of them. Period. Of course people can change things about these mythologies (we went over this with Clash of Titans.) However, there are certain characteristics which I believe don’t need to be altered because it makes it special in its own way just the way it is.

  3. Honestly, if this was the first I ever saw of the Twilight franchise, I might’ve had a different disposition of the series. It really looks pretty interesting, if not only for the action sequences.
    I *might* even consider seeing this one.

    …I said MIGHT…..maybe.

  4. The battle scene where both crowds come at each other is played out already, it was awesome in Braveheart. kinda cool in Narnia, and old in everything else that particular shot has been done.

    best one: Anchorman (IMO)

  5. I’m really on the fence about this movie. I want to like this series but it’s like it does everything it can to make me hate it. I’ll watch it, of course (there’s vamps and giant wolves and friends who won’t shut up about it), but there was no sense of urgency nor did it feel epic. Still, I’ve lowered my expectations as much as possible and as long as they cut down on the emo snuff fest, i think i could enjoy it some.

  6. WOW, just WOW.
    Now if i had to base everything on the scenes the trailer showed without referring to the whole story of the third book, With the coming to terms of bella’s choosing who is better suited for her a (warm semi human or a cold friendly vampire) then this would definitely catch my attention without being a twihard.

    The trailer almost has a feel sorta like Daybreakers(which i had high hopes for an didn’t deliver) not that that will be the case here, i most likely will like it for just being twilight sadly (-_-).

    Movie looks great, the action is on an EPIC level, Taylor an Robert have really pulled into there characters well (especially the first scene at the school), Kristen Stewart is looking hot as ever to me again(I’m just saying).

    *only prob i have that looks like it might bother me is that one scene, just the one where it looks as if jasper is chasing Victoria, an the jumping the tree looks complete cgi, which has never been the case only until that very scene IMO*

  7. It still doesn’t look that impressive.

    The werewolves are still a joke and the vampires don’t command any air of menace. Finally that scene that depicts the two forces meeting in the middle of some open field conviently framed by the trees didn’t seem epic at all. The force was much too minuscule to convey any feelings of, “wow, that’s an epic confrontation” that should accompany a plot designed around mysterious deaths and the raising of powerful vampire *army*.

    But assuming that I was interested in the series because of this movie, it would still be easy to get turned off by reading or seeing *any* of the other material.

    1. The book describes that “young” vampires are at the height of their strength and uncontrolled ferocity. 30 mindless killing machines that would take 3 mature vamps to take down IS an army.

      This trailer shows brief moments of a battle that will have 12 or so Wolves with a group of 9 ally vamps, and 30 or so vampires.

      The battle is going to be great, and the wolves look fine. They are not “werewolves” but rather giant shapeshifted wolves

      1. saying how bad ass they are in a book is one thing….but not once have i ever felt that they were menacing or bad ass.

        i see what your saying about this trailer but it still looks like crap IMO and thats without the natural hate i have for the movie franchise.

      2. i agree with u Rodney, yeah they are nor warewolfs, just man that tutn into wolves tahst it… and actually this movie looks good even though all that fighting takes place at the very end of the movie. the eclipse book is good so im hoping they dont mess this movie up

      3. Alright, ignoring misplaced nomenclature of the man-turned-wolf deal, shouldn’t young vampires, who are, “at the height of their strength and uncontrolled ferocity” be a hell of a thing to see?

        We’ve made it clear that these characters are not human, they’re something else: Vampires. I bring this up because typical rules won’t apply. They don’t need to look timid because they’re body’s resemble that of a young human, instead that should have the reverse effect, the fact that they appear so young yet fight with such animalistic rage should be something scary, but it doesn’t come across in the trailer.

        I understand that casting here is not targeted to my audience, but none of them, including the not-werewolves look as if they’re ripped through gym time (Lautner) all the way down to near a stick figure(Pattinson).

        Perhaps I’m not being objective enough, but even ignoring all that. The acting still looks crazy flat, particularly in Pattinson and Stewart, which more or less breaks the movie in spite of everything else.

  8. Question:

    If they already have a director for this movie, why get another for Breaking Dawn? Why hire someone, and sign them to a deal knowing youre goig to fire them no matter how good theyll do?

    The last two movies were a huge success, and they canned the two directors. This guy is ALSO in a one movie deal.

    1. You cant fire someone from a movie they were not hired to direct.

      These directors were all hired to direct ONE Twilight film. Not saying they wouldn’t use the same person again, but nothing wrong with changing it up if that director serves the film right.

      Also, with the close filming schedule they were racing this out at, this gives the other director a lot of lead time to prepare instead of just rushing in to film two back to back. Thats like filming one long movie and the editors just made it two.

  9. “Imagine if this is how the series was introduced to you? Would you be more inclined to see it if this was your first exposure to Twlight?”


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