The Movie Blog UnCut Video Podcast – April 16, 2010

Welcome to a special video edition of The Movie Blog Uncut.

Today we talk about a few things:
1- Ferris Beuller’s Ferrari 1961 Sypder California, of which only 100 were ever made

2 – Weinstiens bid for Miramax, Nikki Finke’s poor reaction

3- Avatar hasn’t made enough money yet – Limited IMAX rerelease

4 – Olivia Munn’s Role in Iron Man 2

5 – Green Hornet and Lobo

6 – Whedon Directing the Avengers

7 – Spiderman – No Lerman – not Bieber either

The Audio Edition is available for those who want it by Clicking Here or right click on the link and “save target as”

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12 thoughts on “The Movie Blog UnCut Video Podcast – April 16, 2010

  1. No problem Rodney. It’s just I find it funny how some people cared enough about their listeners/views (fans) to continue to stream while others simply ignored everybody with no explanation. I know the story so for me it is more of an issue of giving a damn than anything else. As I said before everything changes and this is probably the best direction the site could have gone in. Really happy with the look of it all.

  2. Nice podcast Rodney, but no offense, I still wish it was the usual gang of John, Doug, Darren, and Bruxy. Don’t worry, you do it well, this is just the first time that I heard you take a stab at it. I just miss the old days. But hopefully I can get used to you. Keep up the good work!

    1. John,Doug,Darren and Bruxy are not with themovieblog anymore. How can he do a podcast with people not associated with the site? Personally I think Rodney is just fine by himself. Everything changes and themovieblog is probably better now than before. At least if Rodney says he is going to do an episode of UNCUT more than likely he will. Unlike some people…

      1. To be fair, the announced Uncut you refer to that never happened was a larger story that shall remain confidential. All that needs be known is that the intention was there, and other circumstances of no person’s particular fault prevented it from happening that are not for public discussion.

    1. Youtube has a 10 minute maximum, so I might use it if I do video reviews or short rants, but for the podcasts (this was like 40 minutes or so), this is the best way to host it for now.

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