‘Green Zone’ Featurette

Matt Damon’s new Bourne movie ‘Green Zone’ has released a new featurette. Seriously, how can you not watch this and think this is NOT a Bourne movie? Same director even.. Looks like it’s a movie about Bourne if he started working for the good guys.

Ok I’ll bite, it’s not a new Bourne movie. Here is the synopsis:

The film set in the chaotic early days of the Iraqi War when no one could be trusted and every decision could detonate unforeseen consequences. During the U.S.-led occupation of Baghdad in 2003, Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Damon) and his team of Army inspectors were dispatched to find weapons of mass destruction believed to be stockpiled in the Iraqi desert.

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22 thoughts on “‘Green Zone’ Featurette

  1. Oh, and based on a few comments about the movie here, apparantly the movie ONCE AGAIN talks about the ‘lack of WMD’s’ in Iraq.!

    Well, we’ll try and set the record straight ONE MORE TIME! It is VERY COMMON KNOWLEDGE that FOR MONTHS prior to our ADVANCED WARNING WE WERE COMING, there was Satelite and other footage of MILES of SEMI TRUCKS Leaving Irag FOR DAYS!!! and going into Syria or other ‘friendly’ countries. Can you guess what was in some of those Semi’s!!!???

    Saddam ALREADY Had is A$$ Handed to him by Bush Sr., and KNEW the US Could, AND WOULD, do what they said they could do, so THIS Time SoDamn was Smarter and GOT THE WMD’S OUT BEFORE WE GOT THERE!!!

  2. The reason for the Flop is Matt Damon. Now that he has Outed himself as the Radical Leftist he is, Many Conservatives like myself, or at least the Conservatives that stand for something, with NO LONGER Pay to Watch his Films!!!

  3. I am so disappointed Universal tried to market this film as a “Bourne”. ITS NOT! This is a great action packed edge of your seat thought provoking film. I literally just got home from seeing it. After reading all the negative press I had to jump online and tell everyone not to believe what you read.

    The LA Times said three times today that this movie was a flop. If this movie flops its totally political! America doesnt like being reminded that we are lied to by our gov. We were lied to about Iraq and this movie throws it in your face like a pie for 2 hours (while being very entertaining)


  4. My problem from what I can see in the trailer is: what is the mystery here? We know there are no WMD, we get that Magellan was providing false info, we can see that Damon is going up against the authorities and they may now want him dead. Fill in some details and action sequences and I feel that’s all the movie is offering.

  5. Lets be honest, the trailer looks great and i cant wait for it to come out. I’l be goin too see it. Matt damon kicks butt in this and bourne. Role on bourne 4

  6. Forgive the unintended pun, but I think regardless of how well crafted the film might be, the film is going to bomb. It will bomb badly.

    If I’m seeing the trailer correctly, and understand the premise, then I get the following information:

    – It is meant to loosely remind folks of the Bourne series. Not too much, but just enough. Different character, same flavor.

    – Since we know there were no WMDs in Iraq, then we know the mission is futile or (as suggested) there may be another reason why these characters are put in harm’s way. Since the CIA is involved (!) it suggests something of a cover up.

    I put these two things together. An action film in disguise, it is really a slam on US Government agencies, and perhaps even the former administration. It isn’t so much about soldiers in Iraq, it is Hollywood fantasy. That’s the vibe I’m getting here. If that vibe is even close, then the film will flop on its nose.

    1. But politically there are a lot of people still bitter about “the coverup” over the WMD debacle. And seeing someone kick ass in the process is a lot of fun.

      We know what the movie is doing “statement” wise, and that might be part of the appeal.

    2. Dude the Bourne films were a billion dollar trilogy world wide with its comparison to Bourne by some it should be a hit action flick that looks intense and has a marketable actor and director. It will be a hit.

  7. I think the similarities are quite obvious, and even if they wouldn’t be similar storywise, I think its definitely drilling in the same vein as the Bourne trilogy at least financially.

    They perfected the Bournce concept and now they’re back using the same formula for more moneycash, that’s all.

  8. No No No I highly think that is a ignorant thing to compare it to Borne other than director and lead actor. Its about a man who is uncovering the truth like borne but not to find out who he is and why he is so important to the CIA but to prevent the War from getting out of hand. Did you watch the trailer?

    1. I watched it. Trained Military guy (Matt Damon) works for the Gov’t (like bourne). Has mad ass kicking skills (Like Bourne). Same directors.. I guess what I am saying is, how can you not draw comparisons

    2. Even the director says that they want to created a film that is every bit as compelling as the Bourne films.

      The director is using Bourne as a measuring stick as well. And aside from the lack of the “sleeper agent” angle, this is just another military government conspiracy film.

      Looks great though.

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