Spiderman 4 – No Marriage No Morbius

While one poorly created Spiderman movie seems to be enough to ward people off of the anticipation of a fourth film, I haven’t forgotten how much I loved the first two.

So when I heard this news, I was actually more encouraged that they may learn from the mistakes of part 3 and move on in a positive way for part four. Dunst will be Mary Jane, but they will not focus on a wedding for the two yet. And Morbius, a rumoured villain for the next chapter will NOT be considered.

Kirsten Dunst has been confirmed to return as Peter Parker’s sweetheart in the upcoming Spider-Man 4. However, rumours of wedding bliss for the couple in movie, slated for release on May 6, 2011, have been denied – or at least producer Todd Black maintains that he is unaware of such a plot event.

The film’s producer have also shot down the possibility of Morbius, the Living Vampire as one of the villains in the upcoming film, but have hinted that the main villain “[has] a significant connection to the Big Apple.”

Considering that Spiderman makes New York City his home, pretty much most of his significant rogues have some connection to the Big Apple. There is some speculation in the article that the Kingpin would make sense, but he was always a Daredevil villain first and foremost, and considering Fox still has the Daredevil rights (which include supporting cast like Electra, Bullseye and Kingpin) it is very unlikely that they would be steering toward such a faceoff.

I also like the confirmation that Morbius is not in the film. With so much Vampire-mania going on right now, it would make sense that they would consider him for a front row seat on the bandwagon, but I never cared for Morbius and I think he would make a poor addition to the film cannon.

Spiderman’s villians in the movies thus far have been biological or scientifically enhanced and that paralells his own origins. Even the alien symbiote was scientific in theory and not supernatural. I would prefer they continue with this trend and not cross over into mystical or paranormal characters.

So that being said, who would fit the bill? Connors (The Lizard) was already introduced so that is only a matter of time, and I wouldn’t mind seeing an updated movie version of Vulture. I would also love to see Bruce Campbell take on Mysterio and upgrade himself from cameo whore to actual star, and get some massive actor (not wrestler) to play Scorpion or Rhino.

Just not all in the same film.

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38 thoughts on “Spiderman 4 – No Marriage No Morbius

  1. um they should have rhino/shocker/scorpion small time villains robbing banks ect and then Have ONE main Bad guy Like The Lizard or Mystrio. like what party marty said those small time guys can be in between the major clashing of the Main Villian to focus on and seriously I own well over 200 spiderman comics and like 75 % dont even mention marry jane just cut that stupid girls screen time seriously i can’t stand looking at her for 2 hours straight anymore..

  2. I like Lizard but I would be bored to see another lab accident villian origin. Perhaps Vulture, Scorpion and Rhino, or any two of the three, who all got their abilities and costumes from a company that is harnessing animal characteristics in it technology, such as military research department.

  3. I seriously could care less about this movie. I have lost all hope for this franchise after that 3rd…massive fuck up of a movie (if you can even call it that). They stomped all over one of my favorite heroes (and villain “venom”) in comic book history. Fuck them. The day that Marvel does spidey is the day I will praise JESUS.

  4. MJ is the damsel in distress. That is all she ever is/was/and ever will be. They may as well just relegate her to a bit character because she brings nothing to the table. You could replace her with a really cute dog and things would still run pretty much the same.

  5. I think they need to put MJ in the thick of things, have her be a major player in the conflict that DOESN’T involve being a damsel in distress.

    Think of the way that Rachel Dawes was used in the Batman movies. She wasn’t just some useless character to serve as a love interest. She had a mission of her own and was fierce and powerful.

    Just a thought.

  6. “…and get some massive actor (not wrestler) to play Scorpion or Rhino”

    You do realize that the wrestlers who perform on live TV each week are getting more ‘acting’ experience than most “real actors” of a similar build?

    A role like Rhino or Scorpion should go to someone with the physical build first and foremost, as they should be more about appearance and action than dialogue and emotion. If they can look angry and smash stuff, they’re fine.

    Venom would have been much better had they cast some huge, imposing muscle head to play the role. Eddie Brock didn’t need a lot of dialogue, what would have been more important was that Venom looked awesome. It wasn’t convincing that little Topher Grace became Venom.

    With this surge in superhero film popularity it would be good to see a few villains who look like they could believably overpower a hero.

    1. AGREE….funny that wrestlers are not taken seriously as actors yet they are doing it live in front of millions…..after the mary jane bullshit the size of topher grace was what i hated the most….the mother fuckers doesnt say much….hate to say but the reason wrestlers suck in movies is that they are not cast in good movies

      1. People don’t take wrestlers seriously as actors because they are not good actors. They play melodrama. Cheezy/campy comic book movies are no good. Batman forever, need I say more?

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Vulture and Electro would make a kick-ass combo for one of the movies. Especially if Felicia Hardy is thrown into the mix.

    Anyone who has read the Marvel Knights’ Spider-man should be able to see what I’m talking about.

  8. My do-nots are

    #1 Do not focus the entire movie on Mary Jane and Peter Parker. It should frame the movie, not hijack it.

    #2 Do not have the villain kidnap and hang Mary Jane from a high place for Spiderman to save. Played out X10.

    #3. Do not cram more than two villains in here. Only exception to this would be having Ock return and form a Sinister Six. If that is the case, no origin stories for the villains.

    #4. My biggest Do Not and the one that excludes The Lizard is, do not have a villain that is directly involved with Parker in some way…played out X100.

    Why do I say that?

    Green Goblin = Parker’s friend’s dad and somewhat father figure.
    Green Goblin 2 = Parker’s friend.
    Sandman = Parker’s uncle’s killer.
    Doc Ock = Parker’s role model.
    Venom = Parker’s fellow employee and rival.

    Seriously, lets try something different. Lizard would be beyond redundant.

    1. sandman was never “involved” with peter…
      so they changed the story & made him “involved”…

      anyway, remembering the ’94 animated series, that leaves; kraven, kingpin, rhino, carnage, volture, shocker, electro, scorpion, morbius, hobgoblin, mysterio, hammerhead, chameleon, Jackal, the spider-slayers, & Tombstone

  9. If the cartoons are any indication, it will probably be tombstone. It would keep the webcrawler a little more grounded and away from the campy looking villains. Spider man VS mobster has always been my favorite story arcs.

  10. I want to see Carnage. Probably won’t happen but maybe for the Venom movie.

    Vulture would be a good villain if they could portray him right. Mysterio would also be a good pick.

    Spider-Man has a lot of lame villians though. It’s kinda hard to pick out the good ones. Morlun would be cool to see. He could also take Spider Man into a new direction.

  11. I do agree that vampires are overunning Hollywood right now and Morbius just does not feel right. I on the other hand have to be a nerd and say Morbius is not supernatural. He’s a scientist who is bitten by a bat like Parker is by a spider and gets powers. Instead of blood, Morbius hungers for plasma and tries to find a cure. I like the story but the Lizard story would work for the film better.

  12. I desperately want to see Mysterio as the next villain. The idea of a special effects master gone rogue tickles my fancy, and since I never read the comics I want to see this villain come to life.

    As for the lizard/vulture/rhino, I think that these villains would make a far better one-movie trio than Harry/Sandman/Venom ever did. Spiderman 3 should have been SANDMAN’S movie, because everything with Venom (all 15 minutes) was utter crap.

    Venom should have been the focus of #4, with the Harry plot line stretching across the two films. Or something. Mix and match it however you want, anything would have been better that what was actually made.

    Sandman was, by far, the best part of Spiderman 3. Shouldn’t have been, but was.

    That was quite a rant.

  13. I say Sam Rockwell should play Cletus Cassidy(Carnage). To say that a spiderman villain will be closely connected to New York is like saying Mickey is connected to Disneyworld. DUH! SpiderMan needs a character who is just good old fashioned #ucked up! A much darker character would make for lots of drama and a great movie.

      1. Bigsampson

        The beetle is EXTREMELY pussy, but in Ultimate Spiderman he looked like Ironman and Metroid fucked and had a baby…then that baby got pregnant from war machine….and then THAT baby grwe up and had a baby with Unicron.

        That was The Beetle from Ultimate Spiderman

        He looked BEYOND cool

    1. Oh no, i dont want to see another “Bad guy goes good” twist.

      I just think the Beetle suit is extremely awesome. Especially in Ultimate Spiderman.

      And about the Thousand:

      Are you like the only person ive ever met who knows who that is?

      I think that would be raw…but if they make the spiders hard to kill, like..they always looked as if you could just dance your way through them and squish them all.

      Like swarms of them go through people and devour them, and then you see mountains of spiders shaped like human bodies as they eat people…

      But i still would rather see the Beetle grab Spiderman by the head and pinning him to a flying airplane =]

      And then have spidey get out of it by webbing him to the propeller thus grounding him to a powder

  14. In a way, I’m glad that it isn’t Morbius. I think the character is great. I love the character. I also think I would like him in a solo film or worked into Blade 4, should it (n)ever happen.

    The “no Wedding” makes sense due to Mary Jane bailing out on her wedding in 2 to (the Future Man-Wolf?) John Jameson, and having the symbiont take over Peter’s personality resulting in a rift as well as the Gwen Stacey business. Maybe Peter takes out Betty Brandt out on a date.

    I don’t buy the Chin as Mysterio, although that theory is a popular one. I can sort of see that character – specifically Quentin Beck – kind of working, with use of holograms, gas…and framing Spider-Man…

    …just as long as Campbell isn’t Professor Miles Warren we should be fine.


    I personally want to see The Lizard show up.
    Or The Thousand.

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