Spiderman 4 gets a New Writer Already

Looks like a Spiderman 4 script was being worked on by James Vanderbilt. But before we even get rumours about the direction he is headed in, the script is being re-written by Gary Ross?

ReelComix says:

Spiderman 4 is slated for a 2010 release date and at this time there is no solid word on what the storyline will be but there have been plenty of rumors and speculation. The script was originally written by James Vanderbilt.

I try my best to look upon them as positive things in hopes that we dodged a bullet. Maybe the script was horrible and they can the first guy for a potentially better script. Perhaps they just wanted to go a different way.

Either way I try to keep positive about it and hope that they are not just throwing it away for no reason.

Gary Ross wrote Seabiscuit (The film that was the basis of the first ever TMB post) and Pleasantville, both movies that played to Tobey Maguire’s strengths as an everyday man. And he also wrote Big.

I am looking forward to seeing what he does with Spiderman, but I wonder if this sensable storywriter has the digs for action and adventure.

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27 thoughts on “Spiderman 4 gets a New Writer Already

  1. i think i figured out a way they could bring back venom or carnage. the scientist or peter’s professor still had a piece of the the suit in his lab. they could use that to form some sort of new venom, or the professor could experiment with it and it makes a carnage

  2. So I see all the hype is gone after a second and third sequel. why?

    Why can’t the show just go on? isn’t there more to tell it’s not like comics stop after printing their third release of a story. why can’t you just marvel in the thrills & passions of it all.

    Only when and when the “FAT” lady sings shall they draw the curtain, well if she has a frog in her throut we can just asume the best was said and done.

  3. fuck this movie. It’s gonna SUCK unless they get an enTIRELY NEW cast, NEW crew, NEW producers, NEW director wait a few years and start from scratch. OR at LEAST REDO Venom, have him be the ONLY villain AFTER spidey has the black suit, then have a follow-up movie with CARNAGE. BADASSERY written ALL over it.

    They need to put this character in bran new hands. BOTTOM LINE.

    1. Sorry dude, but that is completely ignorant.

      The franchise hit it out of the park the first two times with the same ingredients, so there is no reason to think they can’t do it again.

      Being bitter about the disappointment in part 3 is fine, but lets not get so silly as to throw it all away over one movie.

    1. God, I can’t get over what they did in Spider-Man 3 with that! That should never have been thought up! (then again, a lot of things shouldn’t have been in that movie)

    2. While I actually enjoyed Spider-Man 3 for the most part (Dancing emos aside), I can agree that Sandman shouldn’t have been in that movie to begin with. I always watched the animated series and thought that Sandman and Dr. Octopus were goofy villains. Alfred Molina dodged a god-sized bullet when he delivered a Dr. Octopus that was actually pretty cool and had depth. Thomas Haden Church did as good a job as he could with Sandman, but I would’ve rather seen The Sandman out of it, The Lizard become increasingly imminent, and the Symbiote/Black Suit become a bigger focus.

  4. I remember that Spider-man 2 went through a whole slew of writers (David Koepp, Alred Gough and Miles Millar, Michael Chabon, Alvin Sargent) so the constant re-writing is not always a bad thing.

    It just seems though that no progress is being made on this one. Every couple of months the project gets a new writer. Raimi hasn’t been able to tell us anything about it. Dunst and Maguire are coming back so they’re clearly not listening to the fan feedback from 3. I’ll worry about what villain I want in it when I know it’s actually getting made and getting made good.

  5. Writers get rewritten all the time for a variety of reasons. Maybe they want to shoot a a time when everyone is available and they need another voice (*) to speed things up or to make great things better. Still, I don’t read much into this. Nobody should.

    (*it is interesting that it IS Gary Ross, however. While I don’t want Sam stepping down after 4, could this be a future setup for a Spidey 5 director, an added bonus to keep Tobey Maguire around?

  6. Maybe we’ll get a peter/mary jane/ gwyne stacy triangle thing finally going, and if the villian is the lizard, the story will focus on peter more than spider-man and the connections that he has with his friends and Dr conner’s?

    1. I didn’t hate Spider-Man 3, but it was a huge disappointment.

      And it can get worse. It could be made by the people at…Disney Channel! DUH DUH DUNNN!

  7. One the one hand, you get an experienced writer who has written some good films. On the other hand… you lose out on an award winning writer. Still, I’m comfortable that Ross will handle the story and Raimi will handle the action.

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