Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer Online

On Friday we shared with you the Bootleg Trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, now experience it in its proper release without the blury shakey cam.

I am curious about the three bots that appear to chase that Autobot sports car that crashes through the house. I am wondering if those 3 similiar slender bots might be Arcee in mid transformation? It is reported that she is going to be three separate motorcycles that act as one and combine to create her bot form. Maybe she was fleeing as well instead of chasing?

And though hard to see in the trailer, will Scorpinok have his tail spike? I think it would be neat to have that bit missing since they recovered it from the airstrike.

Thanks to ThinkHero for posting it!

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53 thoughts on “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer Online

  1. Trailer looks pretty good. Lots of action; not a lot of humans. Here’s my concern, though. I thought the trailers for the original looked good too. For the same reason – they don’t show too much of the human storyline.

    I hated the first one because so much of it focused on the humans, and their characters were just plain silly. If the second one holds true to the trailer, it could be great. I just don’t have a lot of hope that it will focus more on robot wars than on stupid human drama/comedy.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. question here…?
    in the tv series, as i recall it, there where some problems(mutiny, new big boss whatever)…

    so megatron was exiled and starscream joined him in exile(for personal reasons or something like that)… so they had a spin off story (not an real spin off, but a side story for that episode, a side quest)…

    Now for my question, do i recall this correctly…?
    And what if that’s what bay used in the film so that he could get megatron in the film…? And what if the two bots that are interrogating Sam are Megatron en Starscream, on there side Quest???

    Hmm.. turend out i had 3 questions…

    1. In the prequel comics, The Fallen and Megatron are very very close. Megatron died, but The Fallen returned him to life in exchange for Megatron serving him (Thus creating the Decepticons). SO The Fallen has the ability to bring dead Transformers to life, and he has a special place in his cold metal chest for Megatron. It’s not hard to come to the conclusion that he brings Megatron back to life again.

    2. Slushie Man, where are you getting that info. In the DW version, the Fallen was one of the original 13 Transformers who wound up siding with Unicron instead of Primus, and in the IDW prequels, they have not discussed the Fallen yet, as Defiance only has one issue out so far, and they just found an artifact which could be from the Fallen.

    3. There have been leaks of various pages from the second issue of Defiance. Sorry, I meant to post this with my other post, but hit the Reply button too quickly, lol.

  3. That same scene of an asteroid crashing through a skyscraper as seen in Armageddon and Transformers one is Bay lampooning himself. He is getting worse than Woo and his doves.

  4. hey it would be really cool to have a female autobot..arcee is pretty cool

    that female decepticon that turns ionto a spider is also insane (not in the trailer)
    i forgot her name…but it had arachnid in it somewere

    haha! i told my whole family skorponok was dead and they said i was wrong…it was THEM that were wrong!!

    1. rodney

      AGH! no youre right..i messed up

      i told them that scorponok was alive and they said he wasnt…i told them it takes more then a cut tail to kill a transformer and they said he was dead…

      i flip flopped what i was about to say

      no as soon as i saw this video and i saw skorponok i was like “HA! i told them!”

      it wouyld be stupid for me to say that he isnt back on a post that shows a video of him lol…bad typing as usual


      aahhh dude..i dont remember the name but that rings a bell…shes got mantis lookign forearms and she transforms into a spider…and her action figure is purple and black

    1. well everyone on keep sayin its megatron tryin to kill shia, but i doubt its megatron, there was rumor that sam had some kind of fragment of the allspark and mayabe they are going after him b/c of that, but like i said that was a rumor so im not sure.

    2. A blog made an assumption based on an unseen robot with a tiny bit of rust on it.

      Megatron is said not to be in this movie, and I have no reason to think that Megatron is in this over a bit of rust (which could just as easily be mud)

    3. Starscream’s arm is NOTHING like Megatron’s. And yes, there are. You can see them very clearly in the HD pictures. If you look at a side-by-side shot of a drawn picture of what the new Megatron looks like, you can see the similarities.

    4. The arm does not have the same knuckle-duster spikes as Starscream’s, thus it is not Starscream’s arm.

      Presumably, Sam gets control of the Allspark Shard, sometime after Prime turned it over to Sector7 in IDW’s prequel comic. (or more appropriately, after Wreckage demolished the facility it was being held in)

    1. Yeah, there are really good shots of the Fallen in this. I just tried linking to a really good picture of him, taken from the trailer, but the site won’t let me.

    1. i agree…i liked the first one but idk this is looking way over the top…and what i hate about the bay over the topness is that im sure the robots will destroy shit but for some reason i dont see humans ever die

  5. “I am curious about the three bots that appear to chase that Autobot sports car that crashes through the house.”

    That was a Decepticon. it’s the Audi R8. Rumor has it that its Barricade under a new alt mode. And the three bots that chase it are the Biker Bots, one of which is Arcee. One of the others is the Blue dude that a toy picture was leaked online of awhile ago, and he’s diffinitly male as he has a kind of beard-like part of his face.

    1. dude thats what i just said, read my previous comment

      heres a copy of it: no, they all three are arcee, and they each have their OWN VEHICLE AND ROBOT MODE.

      besides its a TOY, they always make the toy differnet from whats in the movie, like the devastator toy cant detatch and become 7 different robot toys, but you can buy them idividually yet cant combine them, do you understand the point im trying to make.

    2. no,thats not what im saying, they always add features to the toys the the characters dont have in the film, they made toys of the robots arcee separates into that cant combine to form, but they made a toy of arcee where you cant separate her to make the others, just llike they did w/ the devastator toy.

  6. I was waiting for you to post this haha. Holy crap this movie is gona be epic, and you can see the fallen in this trailer, he looks a bit different i dont see the orange markings on him.

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