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The Trailer for Lionsgate’s Battle for Terra has hit the net leaving me with a sense of distaste for the human race but wanting to cuddle something cute.

A star studded cast didn’t save the independent film Delgo, but that doesn’t mean that an animated feature from a studio that isnt Disney/Pixar or Dreamworks is destined to fail. I just suspect that this isn’t it.

However Delgo did leap to mind when I saw this trailer. It really feels like they have a similar thread – both focusing on a nonhuman race for primary protagonists – but something else bothers me about this that just screams discomfort.

The Humans are the badguys. In film, especially fantasy, you need a character or culture that you can identify with. The clear front runner in any film with aliens or talking animals in it, we react to the human element. In this trailer its the humans that are unbiasedly evil here. The cute simple alien race are peaceful loveable creatures and the big bad humans, desperate for a new homeworld are going to stomp them out like bugs.

We don’t like going to movies that remind us of our more base instincts without some sort of redemption and in an attempt to paint the humans in this trailer as the enemy it fails to find a connection with me.

The sad part is as akward as that feels, we know that the movie will eventually have a predictable turning point in which the lovable peaceful creatures of this world will find a sympathetic human and befriend them so they can share their world with the last of human kind.

I wonder if this will beat Delgo’s “record”


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31 thoughts on “Battle for Terra Trailer Online

    1. You also sorta insulted the self-control and intellectual capacity of two guys just having a little conversation, over which we are NOT “butt hurt,” thank you very much! At least, I’m not, anyway.

  1. you know all that example of using that chimpanzee incident does support your point one bit, b/c i did some research and that chimp was able to do most things the average human could do like : watch tv, get dressed, brush its teeth, and etc, and yes animals can feel love most just get the idea thats i a dumb animal, for example my friend has a dog and a cat and the dog a pups and then later the dog died, but the cat took care of pups like grooming and shit like and there have been other examples as well.

    1. and to elaborate on the chimp incident the reason it attacked its owner or whatever was b/c it was a wild animal and it snapped which we all human being are capable of doing, and that fact that both humans and animals fight to protect their offspring is a sign that they can feel love the same for humans as well, the only real difference though is that humans are the only animals capable of hating its own kind.

    2. Of course animals feel affection. My point was that the owner and the chimp were on totally different channel. When we humans are feeling territorial of another person or thing we can talk about it. We can work things out. When the chimp was feeling territorial, it killed it’s owners friend. That was my point.

      And just because the chimp can do many things humans can do does not change the fact that humans can do just as much and more. The only reason that the chimp knew how to brush his teeth and dress himself was because it’s owner, a human, showed him how. And the chimp may have watched TV, but only in a passive sense. When we humans watch a good show, we become attached to the characters and empathize with their emotions. I doubt a chimpanzee empathizes with a forty-year-old’s mid-life crisis, or a family experiencing divorce. Sure, the chimp probably empathizes with the death or pain or happiness of another chimp(or even a human’s probably), but so do humans.

      I really don’t understand exactly where you are going with the “humans are the only animals capable of hating its own kind” stuff, because it actually helps my point. People hate Adolph Hitler because of his ideals, because deep down we know eugenics and mass murder are wrong. A chimp hates another chimp because it took his food, or his mate, or is in his territory.

    3. i realize that it was taught how to do those things but so were you, when you were young or anyone else for that matter, i seriously doubt you taught yourself how to do all that shit the chimp could do. You can teach any animal a trick the same way you can teach a human.

    4. I can believe it. Besides the fact that it’s actually important to discuss these kinds of things sometimes.

      Affection isn’t love. In the wild, animals look for the healthiest and most attractive mate. We as humans have that same sort of attraction towards the opposite sex hardwired into us, but we also have compassion and empathy for those who aren’t extremely physically attractive or healthy. Sometimes humans just see something in their “mate” that other people don’t. And so they work and suffer for that person. That’s love, because love is a decision and an ability, not so much an emotion.

      As for the statement that, “You can teach any animal a trick the same way you can teach a human,” this whole time you have continued to point out how animals are similar to humans, not how humans are different. And they are different.

      Some species of goldfish(as well as that of many kinds of fish) have a memory span of 3 seconds. They’re machines, with a very specific purpose over which they have little control. We, unlike animals, can step out of our core and basic instincts, look at the world, and consider, “How can I make it a better place?” To belittle our position as mankind is to besmirch our duty as mankind. We are men, not animals. And we would do well to remember it.

    5. Im calling this DONE guys. It has NOTHING to do with this movie and has nothing to do with movies at all.

      Who cares who is right or wrong here, it doesn’t change this movie or anything else you do either.

      Keep on topic or start emailing back and forth to each other.

  2. Humans are also the only animals that can post arguments on the internet.

    This is the sort of movie I would watch only if it were on The Movie Networks when I happened to be switching at the EXACT time the movie started. It doesn’t seem like that compelling of a storyline.

  3. “We don’t like going to movies that remind us of our more base instincts without some sort of redemption and in an attempt to paint the humans in this trailer as the enemy it fails to find a connection with me.”

    Who’s “we”?
    Because I watch a lot of those movies, and I think “we” need to see more of them, to remind us of the implications of our actions. I.E. any real world conflict. I’d love to see how redemption can be painted when tackling subjects like genocide or other human rights issues. Unless you’re talking about the cheap unrealistic ending that mare Hollywood blockbusters. With phrases like “Well I guess they learned their lesson” when American soldiers patronize whoever they we’re fighting.

  4. Maybe I’m alone here, but I don’t mind seeing the humans as the bad guys. After all, humanity is one monstrosity of a species. We have done so much wrong throughout history, it really isn’t a stretch to paint us out to be inferior violence-prone bad guys considering ther emight be other life in space.

    I’m interested in this movie, probably won’t go to the theatres to see it, but wait till the dvd is on sale.

    1. Ugh. You’re such a Liberal sheep.

      This movie looks okay. I’d watch it just for the CGI space battles and doze through the preachy environmental/humanity-is-evil stuff.

    2. Oh please, Bengoshi-San. Mankind is the only species with the true capacity to love. Besides the fact that in nature, man and animal must coexist to survive. It’s nothing like the analogy this movie is presenting. Besides the fact that those alien things aren’t even animals, as they appear to rely very little on instinct and more on emotions. They have cities and a government and build stuff. They are merely another race of what we know to be man.

      BTW, humans aren’t the cause of “climate change”. It’s the sun’s flares, look it up. The planet’s temperature rises and falls at intervals. That’s why the papers have printed that world is getting colder/hotter, then the exact opposite only years later. It’s happened at least four times in the last century. There was never any evidence to support “global warming”, and Al Gore has already made loads of money off a cheap scam. Many of the scientists who joined his division immediately left and wanted their names taken off the list.

      And I highly doubt there is other life out there, at least not like ours. The chances of a galaxy existing that supports life are zero. Statistically speaking, life shouldn’t exist. Not to mention that statistically speaking, nothing should exist.

      Just recently a few police officers were forced to shoot and kill a chimpanzee that mauled it’s owner’s friend to death. The owner believed that she and the chimp were experiencing some kind of mutual love relationship. She fed it and played with it and slept with it. But the chimp wasn’t like a human. It was like an animal. It was territorial of it’s owner and decided to kill it’s owner’s friend. That woman and her pet were on a totally different channel. More often than not, animals are nothing like humans. Here and there you can see traits and aspect, but overall, we’re vastly different.

    3. humans are animals, and the fact that this is the only planet that can support life out of all the planets out there in the galaxy i find that to likely there is life, albeit i dont believe what people say on the news about seeing UFOs

    4. The universe may be big, but it wasn’t always that way. The universe has always been expanding from a fixed point, and the laws of entropy make the forming of a galaxy that supports life impossible. You can say what you want about the chances of of another galaxy that supports life, but the fact is that chance doesn’t exist, because we live in a universe of cause in effect. Chance is a conception of the human mind. We may say that the chances of a coin landing on heads is 50-50, but it’s not. Because if we knew the exact aerodynamics involved, we could calculate which side it lands on exactly. Because if it does land on heads, it’s only because something caused it to.

      And there is a clear distinction between humans and animals, one that you have failed to consider. For starters, humans can research, they can build, and they can love. Three things that animals cannot do, not on the level that humans can.

    5. Also, can you expand on or back up your statement that “humans are animals” before simply asserting it so confidently?

      And if humans really are just animals, I guess Battle For Terra is about peaceful animals being invaded by violent animals. I’m pretty sure that that’s not what they want us to draw from it, though. Even they understand the distinction between man and animal. Though in their movie, there isn’t any. It seriously just looks to me like violent man invading peaceful man. Remember kids, don’t be violent. Such a deep, unique and intriguing premise.

  5. This looks pretty cool, but I don’t really want to see it. Now, if this is not a success at the box office, Lionsgate probably won’t make any more animated films. But something about this screams “5 Mill opening weekend”.
    Lionsgate is on of my least favorite studios

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