Anne Hathaway to Join Stephen Chow’s Superhero Comedy

Stephen Chow burst forth a wave of rumours when he walked away from directing Green Hornet and finally now we get to find out why. And that “why” would be a superhero comedy with Jack Black, and looks like Anne Hathaway will be adding her brilliant smile to the mix.

/Film picked up:

Anne Hathaway is likely to star in Stephen Chow’s next movie. When Chow bowed out of directing The Green Hornet, he said that he would like to free some time up to work with Jack Black on a different superhero comedy? Well this is it.

Wei Dasen, a representative of Chow’s production company describes the film as “a superhero, action-packed, special effects-rich, and of course funny” . Sources close to Chow supposedly are saying that the film will be similar in style to the over-the-top parody ala “Kung Fu Hustle”.

I really like Anne Hathaway, and I think she does well with comedy while still being believable.

I think Jack Black is perfect for a zany comedy like Chow can deliver, and it is the only likely way we will see Jack Black as a superhero and care (Thank you for not being Green Lantern!!) Hearing Anne Hathaway is involved does increase my interest just to see how well she would play off these two.

This is certainly on my radar.

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10 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway to Join Stephen Chow’s Superhero Comedy

  1. Chow is taking too damn long between movies. I guess he wants them to be bigger and bigger each time. But I think that his earlier HK stuff is his best, God Of Cookery, King Of Comedy, Shaolin Soccer are way better than Kung Fu Hustle and those were made on the fraction of the budget.

  2. Kung Fu Hustle had me in stitches. With that single movie, I was immediately a Stephen Chow fan. As for Anne, she’s not only a lovely actress but she has great comedic chops. So with her on board, I’m definitely interested.

  3. I think they should get Donnie Yen to be Kato for Green Hornet project. Check out his latest movie IP Man about Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun Sifu (Teacher). His performance and skills are incredible.

  4. A lot can happen between now and the movie coming out. Like getting tired of Jack Black again. I have enjoyed seeing his films but was burned out on his schtick. Then Tropic Thunder came out and gave him a reset. As far as Hathaway goes, for me she’s just another porcelain doll who is interchangeable with a dozen others.

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