Tron 2 is now TRZ

Looks like that Tron sequel is still chugging its way along into existance. Some news surfaced about some changes being made in the marketing as well as the synopsis.

First says:

First off, they claim that the sequel will now be titled TRZ instead of Tr2n – anyone know what that even means? Additionally, they include a synopsis, but if you read it carefully, it sounds like the same plot as the first movie. What is going on here? As excited as I was based on test footage, I’m getting a bit worried – at least if this turns out to be true and not inaccurate information.

Here is the new plot synopsis: “After being transported into the surreal landscape of a mainframe computer to destroy an intruder, a programmer finds himself allied with the leader of a rebellion against a corrupt cyber-entity.” In the original Tron, the programmer Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) was transported into the computer world. He joined with Tron, the leader of a rebellion, to fight a “corrupt cyber-entity” as well.

I was pretty excited about the prospect of a Tron Sequel being made, and even forgave the nonsense leetspeek title “Tr2n” as it doesn’t even work by leet standards (as low as they are grammatically) but now it appears they are changing the name to TRZ? Like that makes MORE sense? And the plot is narrowed down to basically be the same thing as the first?

In any one line synopsis of a film, this can be interpreted into a very different movie, it just doesn’t sound like it on the surface. It would make logical sense that the last time a rebellion formed it was successful by the addition of a real person being sucked into their world. Makes sense they might try it again to overthrow another digital regime. The trailers made it look like Jeff Bridges’ character might have been the badguy (or a digital evolution of him) or a goodguy with some pretty extreme methods. but that is also speculation, so we will have to see how it plays out.

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20 thoughts on “Tron 2 is now TRZ

  1. It has been stated in numerous interviews that Tron was a shortened from of ‘electronic.’ The writers did not even know of the existence of the trace on and trace off basic commands.

  2. After the trailer, we were speculating about Flynn, having been a “stick it to the man” type of ‘dude’ in the first one, but also having become a corporate CEO by the end, if 20+ years of that changed him into the dark power hungry executive most CEO’s are believed to be. I love that idea… plus it was wonderful to see him as a bad guy of that type in Iron Man, and I can take another scoop of that.

    TRZ sounds like it’d be a show on MTV… or something else I feel too old to watch.

  3. No worries Bill, I went back to read my post to see if I made that blunder, but I could see if you were reading too quickly the line “In the original Tron, the programmer Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) ” might have translated mentally to say that the original Tron was a programmer Flynn…

    Just sayin.

  4. Darren, you’re right! I forgot about that. CLU didn’t cut it, which was why Flynn needed to get inside the building.

    Rodney, that just goes to prove that I don’t know how to read. I could have sworn when I first read the post that it said Bridges played TRON.

  5. Bill, Bridges *did* play a computer program called CLU briefly in the first film’s opening scenes.


    The new title is lame. This is Tron. I was fine with Tr2n. But TRZ??
    Is the Mouse House on crack? Who’s the exec who backed this choice?

    Tr2n – I can see a nice title design for that (disc in the “2” but the 2 is dropped down a little)

    Also accepted:

    Tron: KILLER APP
    (a promotional title seen on the 20th ann. DVD)

    Tron 2.0
    (this was the name of the video game)

    Son Of Tron
    (also mentioned in the PC game; what a trip if the leader of the CPU revoultion is the ‘son’ of Tron -and from the game)

    Better yet…

    Tron: Without A Clu.

  6. TRON was never about the story (which is fun, but not genius stuff). It was about pushing the visual effects envelope of the early-80’s with killer vector graphics/animation and cutting edge set design/compositing. It was an awesome experiment, and I hope that TRZ adheres to pushing the envelope by blowing our minds. The Wendy Carlos score is essential to the success of this film, too.

  7. (try to imagine a mild mannered English person trying to adopt to rap talk) Naw, c’mon dawgs, it’s T to the R to the Z; TRZ like ABC. I ain’t got no NC. They usin’ abbreviation to connect with me. Letters is in but wordz is out bitch. I pity da fool that uses words in a movie title.



    End of line…

  8. I know, more information than anyone cares about, but being a programmer when the film came out, it became one of my all time favorites…

    TRON (trace-on BASIC command) was played by Bruce Boxleitner (I know I didn’t spell it right) in the film, not Bridges.

    Tron was a program written by the Boxleitner character – everyone in the cyber world was portrayed by their real-world alter-ego ‘users’ except Bridges. He played Flynn, a programmer who was ripped off by David Warner whose MCP (Master Control Program) has assumed a life of its own and thinks its Sauron or something. Bridges’ Flynn is transported into the cyber world by the MCP when Flynn almost gets the incriminating eveidence he needs to put Warner away. Flynn finds himself in the cyber world, a ‘user’ amongst programs. In the pseudo religion of the cyberworld, that makes him godlike. He teams up with Tron to topple the MCP.

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