Star Wars vs Star Trek

/Film tipped me off to this video and I just had to share.

Now much of this presumes compatibility of technology, and offers up a nice humourous exchange between the two franchises, so I like it. Of course being a Star Wars Fanboy, I was routing for the Empire but for the sake of the fan who assembled this video I enjoyed even the Star Trek elements of it. There is a nice clever nod to both films after the “credits” so make sure you sit the whole thing out.

So the oldest geekbattle rages on. Who would win, Star Trek or Star Wars!

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24 thoughts on “Star Wars vs Star Trek

  1. Both of these sit together for me in terms of greatness. One is a fantastic tv series and the other (was) a great film franchise. When people compared them I did not like to get into the debate. the only debate I got into regarding these shows, was what tv am I watching them on when they are on. Full stop. The skit was really funny and I have sent out messages to a load of friends to view it of this site. Brilliant.

  2. Taylor how can you call TNG and the other spinoffs lame and not consider the lame Star Wars prequel trilogy. Did you even watch Deep Space Nine? It is better than the other Star Trek shows and better than other TV shows in general.

  3. Although I love original Star Trek, the Next generation and all other spin-offs are lame. So Star Wars FTW (even though I think Star Wars is better than original Star Trek as well).

  4. Watching Picard drink while his ship gets bombarded was priceless.

    If I had to pick between the two, I’d go with Star Wars, just because it tends to take itself a little less seriously. Not counting that awesome episode of TOS where Kirk fights the giant rubber lizard.

  5. That was great! A great video, I admit, I was kinda rooting for the Empire, but the bridge of the Enterprise laughing at Vader was priceless!

  6. My take is that the Enterprise’s sensors would have no trouble detecting the weaknesses in the Death Star. I’m sure LaForge would be able to transport a torpedo right onto the Emperor’s lap.

    I also hear the the Death Star is vulnerable to The Picard Maneuver. Time to upgrade those light speed sensors!

  7. Great Rodney, get a damn war started on here too. LOL!

    Although, I must say I bellieve Trek would kick The Death Star’s ass. Long live The Federation.

    Whoever did this did a great job. I’ve seen others, but this is one of the best.

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