Name That Torso #14

Last week’s correct answer was the stumper AMY ADAMS!

And now the game continues with the fourteenth installment of NAME THAT TORSO!


The answer will be revealed next Monday. The winner will have bragging rights and garner international respect!

****RULE #1 **** If you find the picture online, please don’t post the link and ruin the game for others *****


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31 thoughts on “Name That Torso #14

  1. lol.. guys it’s Reeves, not Arnold.

    That pic of Reeves is probably from the 50’s. Arnold came later in the 70’s and would have been at least 35 pounds heaver at the same bodyfat level as that pic of Reeves (who only weighed about 210).

    Pros today at that same bodyfat level are pushing 300. Better living through chemistry :)

  2. it´s steve reeves, the one and only ‘hercules’ and one of the most famous bodybuilders at his time. and we´re talking about a time when nutricionists would help you gain that torso except steroids.

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