Blunt and McAvoy are Gnomeo and Juliet

You know, there just are not enough movies about Garden Gnomes. Gnomes need love too! They should make one based on the Romeo and Juliet story and set it to the hits of Elton John.

Oh look. They are! Emily Blunt and James McAvoy will voice the animated feature Gnomeo and Juliet.

Coming Soon

The film will feature several John classics but not Kate Winslet; she was first attached to voice Juliet two years ago and fell out because of scheduling conflicts. Tim Rice also was approached to write original songs with his “Lion King” partner John at the time, but the soundtrack now will be filled with the performer’s well-known hits and possibly a few new tracks.

In the loose and edgy adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, McAvoy (Wanted) and Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) would play lovers from rival gardens. John, who is producing alongside his offscreen partner David Furnish, Baker Bloodworth and Steve Hamilton Shaw, is said to be pursuing big-name talent to voice supporting roles.

Really, if you are going to retell the same old story you have to have an original twist. Garden sculptures in love? How can that fail??

I just wonder if this will be a tragic tale with McAvoy’s Gnomeo staging a career with Travelocity to escape the garden and Blunt’s Juliet drinks pesticide poison in her grief only to have Gnomeo return to find his love slain and throws himself into a chipper?

Just sayin.

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12 thoughts on “Blunt and McAvoy are Gnomeo and Juliet

  1. Here’s my pitch,,, Its 2008 no more (Romeo and Juliet) tv shows, mini-series, films, plays, operas, musicals, gay musicals, cartoons, gay cartoons, cds featuring the music of (Romeo & Juliet), action figures, happy meals, spin-offs, direct to dvd spinoffs, HBO versions, porno’s, ringtones, video games, and last but not least lunch boxes !!!!

    Romeo & Juliet is about as original as dirt !!! Who owns the rights to R&J, Shakesphere for gawds sakes !!!!!

    ((Slushie Man)) you picked one hell of a thread to make that statement.

  2. Travelocity gnome kidnaps Juliet gnome and hides her in his luggage – luggage is lost. Gnomeo starts to search for her at airports around the world. Climatic ending with two gnomes meeting at Hong Kong airport baggage carousels going head to head until the death with garden hoes. [Meanwhile, Juliet escapes with the help of say . . . Orlando Bloom gnome, falls in love and they settle in a lovely English garden in the UK.]

  3. You miss the clever wit involved. Someone heard the word “gnome” and thought “Gnomeo.” Just like “Romeo!” An inspiration for an entire movie is born! We can finally relive the bard’s tale in a contemporary garden setting like we’ve always wanted.

    Or, yeah – fuck that.

  4. fuck shakespeare and and travelocity….now if these gnomes where ninja’s that came out only at night to save us from aliens…then and only then would i be intrested.

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