Baldwin And Streep Team Up For Yet To Be Titled Rom Com

BaldwinGlorious news! Alec Baldwin is returning to the silver screen in an upcoming romantic comedy with Meryl Streep! We get the skinny from our friends at the movieweb:

Alec Baldwin is in negotiations to join Meryl Streep in the untitled romantic comedy, scripted by Nancy Meyers, who is also directing for Universal.

According to Variety, Baldwin will play one of two men who get caught up in a romantic triangle with Streep. The film begins shooting Feb. 12.

I am not a huge fan of romantic comedies, but I am a huge fan of Mr. Baldwin’s comedic stylings. The man is an outstanding comedic force that has not been tapped enough. 30 Rock is great for regular Baldwin, but I crave to see him in more big screen comedies; I welcome this news with open arms.

Having Baldwin work with the Streep only adds to my expectations and I look forward to the scene where he tries to use pillow talk to get her into the bedroom. I would like to see them play themselves in the film, then they can name it Bangin’ Baldwin/Slammin’ Streep: Age Of Plunder.

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