Tarantino Eyes Pitt and DiCaprio for Inglorious Bastards

Tarantino has been shopping around for someone to pay for his Inglorious Bastards, and now that he has had some promising sit downs with one potential star and plans on another bigger star, the guys with the cash are lining up.

ComingSoon says:

The director met with Brad Pitt in France on Tuesday to talk about the possibility of Pitt playing the key role of Aldo Raine. Tarantino also plans to meet with Leonardo DiCaprio for another lead role, that of Hans Landa, on Thursday.

Now I really like Brad Pitt, so I am game for just about anything he is in. But that statement goes DOUBLY strong when DiCaprio is involved.

This gets me interested in this film, and I am already tired of Tarantino, and I have no idea what this movie is about having never been exposed to the material. So getting these guys involved might have the same effect on others who don’t list Tarantino as their cup of tea.

Granted this is told to be “old school” Tarantino, so that is at least promising. I am tired of his routine now, but I liked his stuff before.

So do these potential players increase your interest or were you sold already? Are these good fits for the mentioned roles?

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9 thoughts on “Tarantino Eyes Pitt and DiCaprio for Inglorious Bastards

  1. I am not jealous of him. I am tired of his “trying too hard to be different” thing. I liked some of his films, but it seems everything he sticks his fingers in lately is just tired old rehashed crap. “Lets bring back a genre that died” thing. That works once.

    Its not jealousy to say I am not excited to hear he is working on anything when his track record is about 50/50.

  2. I can see why people are tired of Tarantino movies… I mean people that try to make films like his. The guy writes some of the most the best dialogue ever. He make conversations that are relatable and very entertaining. He has made six films ever. So why the F**k are people getting so tired of him.

    Your just jealous your not that talented.

  3. I fucking loved the script. So much better than Death Proof, which was such a boring piece of material save for the Stuntman Mike scenes.

    But I can’t see either guys playing The Jew Hunter aka Col. Hans Landa or Lt. Aldo. They both seem too Hollywood for me. I would buy DiCaprio as Lt. Aldo, though.

    For me the only role that seemed instantly castable was that of the German movie star, Bridget Van Hammersmark. I could see Franka Potente playing her, and it’s a fantastic part, but I’m torn between Franka and Eva Green.

    The hype is warranted with Inglorious Bastards. It’s a great script, however, don’t expect this to be all about the soldiers (or Bastards) because it’s not. They’re one half of the story. The real star of I.B. is Shosanna, a French Jewish girl.

    I can’t wait! But I doubt Brad Pitt will sign on for such a small role.

  4. I was sold from the jump…HUGE Tarantino mark..i was one of the few that loved Grindhouse…but i do believe that this film is supposedly similar to the Dirty Dozen

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