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#RIPCartoonNetwork: Saved Us Back in The Day, Now Needs Saving?

In a world where animation has always been a comfort food for our eyes, it’s heartbreaking to see #RIPCartoonNetwork trending. But what’s cooking behind the scenes? Remember that mini-golden age of cartoons during the pandemic? We’re talking epic shows like Invincible and X-Men ’97, keeping us glued to our screens. Seemed like animation was booming, right?

Well, hold up. That boom might be a bubble. Because all those shows? They’re built on existing franchises, safe bets for the streaming giants. The real heroes, the ones taking creative risks with original content? They’re getting squeezed.

The Animation Industry: A Reality Check

The animation industry stood tall during the pandemic, delivering quality content when the world needed it the most. Fast forward to today, and studios are slashing budgets, closing departments, and laying off creatives. Original works of art are getting written off for tax breaks faster than you can say, “Jinkies!” And who gets hit the hardest? Animation.

Here’s the truth bomb: studios and streamers kinda messed these groups up. They were so busy throwing money at new shows, they forgot about the animation studios who saved their butts during lockdown. Now, it’s budget cuts, layoffs, and cancelled projects galore.

And guess who’s feeling the sting the most? The very same animation industry that stepped up when things were rough. This industry now feels like it was a betrayal, and animation workers are saying “ENOUGH!”

Adam Conover and Alex Hirsch Speak Out

In an animated video, Adam Conover and Alex Hirsch lay bare the brutal truths about how studios and streamers treat animators. This call to arms urges fans and the entertainment industry to rally in defense of animation.

That’s where #RIPCartoonNetwork comes in. It’s a social media movement sparking a conversation about the state of animation. Animation Workers Ignited, a group fighting for fair treatment, even put out a killer animated video exposing the harsh realities.

Is Cartoon Network literally dead? Not necessarily. But it’s a symbol of what’s happening across the industry. The creative spark is in danger of being snuffed out.

So, what can you do? Here’s the plan:

  • Bust out your nostalgia goggles and share your favorite Cartoon Network shows using #RIPCartoonNetwork. Remind everyone why animation is awesome!
  • Check out the Animation Workers Ignited video (link in the comments). Knowledge is power, people!

Let’s not let animation become another victim of the streaming wars. Animation deserves better, and the talented people who create it deserve better. Let’s show our support and keep the cartoons coming!While Cartoon Network’s fate hangs in the balance, we must remember what’s at stake. Share your favorite Cartoon Network memories using #RIPCartoonNetwork and let’s make some noise.

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The animation industry needs our support more than ever. Let’s ensure that the creative geniuses who brought us our beloved shows get the recognition and protection they deserve. Because without them, our screens would be a lot less colorful.

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